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13 Feb 2016 - Important News for all HNBW Members

At the HBNW EXCO Meeting on Tues 9 February, Dennis Steggink announced that, due to unforeseen work circumstances which will keep him out of Hout Bay for long periods, he would be unable to finish his term as HBNW Chairperson. Allan Dellbridge, the current Vice Chair of HBNW will temporarily take over the position until the AGM in April, but will not be available to take up the position permanently.
JJ de Villiers, Hout Bay CPF Chairman spoke on behalf of all the Exco and Manco members present when he thanked Dennis for his strong management of HBNW and the changes he had implemented, which have resulted in a revitalised organisation, stronger than before. 
Dennis expressed his disappointment that he was unable to complete his term and his plan to ensure the ongoing strength of HBNW into the future. He was however confident that the current Exco and Manco members of HBNW were on track to implement his vision and that HBNW would be more easily and effectively managed once these changes had been finalised and implemented.
HBNW will be asking for nominations for a new Chairperson and are appealing to all members to assist in finding an appropriate person to take up this position. The AGM will be held on Tuesday 12 April at Riverside Estates. More information will be sent out closer to the time, but please diarise this date in the meantime.
On behalf of all HBNW members we would like to thank Dennis for the hard work he has put into his time at the head of HBNW and wish him well during his time away from Hout Bay. We look forward to welcoming him back when work permits. 
Exco Meeting 9 Feb 2016
Back from left: Fred Nebe (Hughendon/Meadows), Dominik Marszalek (Hughendon/Meadows), Louise Read (Helgarda/Klein Leeukop), Rod Panagos (Ops, Disa River), Dennis Steggink (Chair, Oakhurst),  Allan Dellbridge (Vice Chair, Village/CBD),  Keith Cronwright (Baviaanskloof), Fanie Malan (Scott Estate), Andrew Martin (Orangekloof), Toby Adams (Longkloof), Andy Shoredits (Bokkemanskloof), JJ De Villiers (Hout Bay CPF Chair).
Front from left: Doreen Malan (Media) Liezl Schulte (Admin/Secretary), Althea Leppington (Beach Estate), Yvonne Noel (Mt Rhodes), Julie Banham (Kronenzicht), Claudette Meyer (Hout Bay Heights), Philip Frans (Hangberg). Left before the photo was taken - Brad Geyser (Governance). Find out more about HBNW Management Team>>

5 Feb 2016 - Greyton Neighbourhood Watch visits Hout Bay

On Thursday 4th February 2016 a delegation from Greyton SAPS, CPF and Neighbourhood Watch together with members of a local Greyton SSP met with their counterparts in Hout Bay to try to improve security in the Greyton area by understanding better how security processes work in Hout Bay. Most importantly they wanted to see the HBNWatchcon control room in order to emulate this success in their area. The visit was co-ordinated by Julie Banham, Area Leader for Kronenzicht and Alan Armstrong of Greyton Neighbourhood Watch, a former Hout Bay resident and Block 4 HBNW member. 
Thanks to those Hout Bay attendees namely Lt-Col Mtakati - Hout Bay SAPS Station Commander, JJ de Villiers - CPF Chairperson,  Brad Geyser - HBNW Governance Officer,  Doreen Malan (HBNW Media Liason), Brendan Berry - ADT, Gerhard van den Bergh - Deep Blue/CCP  who were happy to advise the Greyton delegation on various strategies and to answer the questions raised by the visitors. Also to Fanie Malan (Area Leader Scott Estate) Fred Nebe (Area Leader Meadows) and Cyrel Dickson (Watchcon controller) for their assistance at the HBNWatchcon Control room.

The team from Greyton were all very appreciative of the ideas and suggestions that were shared and discussed throughout the morning. From left:  Alan Armstrong (Greyton NW), John Baadjies (LRV Security), Gerhard van Den Berg (Deep Blue/CCP), Brendon Berry (ADT), Niel Burger ( LRV Security), John Pretorius (Greyton NW).  See Gallery for more pics>>  

12 Feb 2015 - HBVEMS Festive Season Stats

Message from Matthew Rosenberg, C.E.O. of Hout Bay Volunteer EMS:
Hout Bay Volunteer EMS has had a great festive season, serving more patients in our community than ever before.  From the 1st December 2015 until the 31st January 2016, our ambulance HB5:
  • Completed 242 calls
  • Was on scene an average 5min faster than the target for priority calls
Please download this infographic detailing all the calls we completed this festive season.  This performance is only possible thanks to our sponsors and you, our supporters. We are very fortunate to work with all the Emergency Services in Cape Town.

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12 Feb 2016 - Latest ADT Security feedback for Hout Bay

Housebreaking and theft remain a concern within Hout Bay, including the amount of common theft taking place, due to garage doors, gates, windows and front doors being left open.
It is human nature for us to come home and place our wallets, cell phones, laptops and keys on the nearest table. If possible try and limit putting these near to open windows and doors and make sure they are out of sight. If people can see valuables when passing or trespassing then it is a matter of seconds for an opportunistic smash and grab crime to take place. 
Further tips to secure your home:
  • Fit spot lights that come on when movement is detected.
  • Ensure that wndows left open for domestic animals are burglar proofed.
  • Ensure that garden tools are locked away so that they cannot be used as housebreaking instruments.
  • Ensure vegetation is cut back by the driveway to prevent hiding places for criminals waiting for you to come home.
  • Use different routes as best as possible when coming home
  • Take note of your surroundings when coming home.
  • Close the curtains/blinds at night, so that someone cannot see where you or your valuables are.
Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Brendon Berry who is the ADT Community Development Manager for Hout Bay on For more HBNW News Click here>>

Media Releases: Hout Bay SAPS 

The information in all the SAPS media releases is as received from Corporate Communication Hout Bay SAPS.  HBNW does not take responsibility for the accuracy of the data, or information provided.  HBNW provides this data to you, the member, for your interest and awareness. Any comments can be addressed directly to SAPS as per the contact information on this link >>  Go to SAPS Media Releases>>

Jan 2016 - Please Validate your HBNW Identity Card

It is a requirement under Clause 12 of the ‘Western Cape Provincial Constitution and Code of Conduct for Neighbourhood Watch Structures’ that we must ensure all identity cards are validated annually.
To be compliant with the Western Cape Province Constitution for Neighbourhood Watch’s, this Annual process is to be implemented immediately and we appeal to all members to comply. Find out how>>

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Link to Suspicious/Wanted vehicles on BKMWatch website

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Crimes reported to SAPS - April 2014 to March 2015:
The good news is that, except for contact crime (rapes, muggings etc) where there were more reported cases during this past year than last year (2013/2014), the numbers for all other reported crimes have decreased.
  • The number of murders decreased, 
  • Malicious damage to property down 10% 
  • Property related crimes, such as House Break Ins, down 20%   
  • Theft & commercial crime down 5% 
  • The number of House robberies has also decreased  
On the other hand, arrests for crimes in which the actions of the SAPS members play a major part (pro-active policing) have increased. These are:
  • drug arrests 
  • arrests for being in the possession of stolen goods or dangerous weapons (up by 150 cases)
  • arrests for drunken driving (up by 20 cases)
Also the number of shebeens in Hout Bay has decreased from 128 to about 16, as a result of these SAPS operations. This has definitely had an effect on reducing the number of crimes committed in Hout Bay.

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Safety Tips
Ensure that all valuables and important documents are photocopied, authenticated by a Commissioner of Oaths and securely locked away. If you do not have a fire proof home safe, lodge these copies with your bank for safekeeping. 
Ensure that perimeter doors are fitted with adequate locks. The front door should have a safety chain or  safety latch and, if the door has no vision panel, a door viewer. If keys to perimeter doors are mislaid, those locks should be replaced.
We welcome input from our members so please pass on your security tips and, where relevant, we will publish them  and acknowledge the contributor. Read more tips>>

Other Security Tips:

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