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16 July 2014 - Notice for Owners/Managers of Licenced Liquor Premises

Please download this document for information regarding documentation to be displayed in all licenced liquor premises and the next meeting on 26 August 11:00 in the Hout Bay library hall.

16 July 2014 - Support Hout Bay Volunteer EMS

HBVEMS are holding a fundraising comedy show on 1 September 2014. Find out more here or  email them on contact for more info. 

14 July 2014 - Corporate Communication - Hout Bay SAPS

The information below is as received from SAPS.  HBNW does not take responsibility for the accuracy of the data, or information provided.  HBNW provides this data to you, the member, for your interest and awareness.  Any comments can be addressed directly to SAPS as per the contact information found here >>
Two arrests were made for shoplifting
Four people were arrested for drunk in public
Two liquor operations were conducted and two arrests were made.
Fourteen arrests were made for possession of drugs and the following drugs were confiscated: 9 stoppe of dagga, two dagga zolle,  Mandrax powder, ½ mandrax tablet and two packets containing tik.    
Two arrests were made for possession of suspected stolen property, where a sleeping bag and a black wheelie bin were recovered.
This is a picture of a “tool” that was recovered.  These kind of self-made tools are being used to move and steal property such as cellular phones, wallets and other items off tables or chairs, through open windows.  The suspects don’t even have to enter a house and the owners cannot understand how their belongings went missing.   It is suggested that the community be made aware of these kind of implements that are being used by suspects. Activate alarms and remember that open windows or gates can be an invitation for criminal activities.  Report suspicious vehicles or people in your area to SAPS and Watchcon.

At 04:25 on Friday, 11th of July 2014 when the Hout Bay Woolworths store was closed and locked, four male suspects broke the front glass windows to obtain entrance to the shop. They took clothing and accessories to the value of approx. R106 000.  A case of House breaking at business premises was registered and will be investigated.  All leads are being followed up. No arrests were made as yet. 

8 July 2014 - SAPS Media Release : Four Suspects Arrested for Robbery

On Sunday, 2014-07-06 between 19:00 – 19:30 two business robberies occurred at Somalian Shops in Imizamo Yethu, Hout Bay. 
Hout Bay SAPS received information that the suspects fled the crime scene in a Metallic Silver Toyota Cressida. Hout Bay SAPS members spotted a vehicle with the same description and followed it towards Constantia Neck. In Constantia four of the suspects jumped out of the Cressida and two were apprehended and arrested. A .38 spl revolver was recovered, the vehicle and stolen property were confiscated. The stolen property included Cigarettes, Airtime, Baby formula, Biscuits and a box of chocolates. 
Diepriver SAPS heard shots being fired near Constantia Village Shopping mall and followed up on the information. It is still unknown who fired the shots. Another two suspects were arrested by Diepriver SAPS and were brought to Hout Bay for detention and will be linked with the robberies that occurred. An undisclosed amount of money were also found in the possession of one of the suspects. 
The suspects aged between 20 – 30 years and are from Philippi and Delft. The four suspects will appear in the Wynberg Magistrate Court on Wednesday, 2014-07-09 on charges of Robbery aggravated. 
Cst Mqoqi is the investigating officer and can be contacted with information on 021 791 8660.

5 July 2014 - SAPS Media Release: Hout Bay Successes 29 June  -  4 July 2014.

Two shebeen operations were conducted where 136 500ml of liquor were confiscated.
One arrest was made for possession of crayfish, 50 lobster tails in a box were confiscated.
Two arrests were made for possession of dagga, 1 bottle neck with dagga, and 1 stop dagga were confiscated.
During a CID tracing operation 16 addresses were visited, no arrests were made.

One arrest was made for suspected stolen goods.

5 July 2014 - SAPS Media Release

Theft of wheelie bins:
Many incidents were reported where wheelie bins have been stolen in Hout Bay area on “bin days”.  It is suggested that the wheelie bins be marked with the street number or street name, so that they can be identified if found.  It is also suggested, if possible, that the bins be put out and taken into the property as soon as the rubbish has been collected to prevent or reduce the theft of these wheelie bins.  These bins are also being used as a transport method for stolen goods, after a house breaking has occurred and the wheels are also used for different purposes.
Training for Traffic officers - Hoax:
It was brought to SAPS attention and criminal cases were opened that an African female suspect promotes Training for Traffic Officers to members of IY community.  Allegedly she informs them that the training will take place in Pretoria and they have to pay the amount of R4400 into Checkers money market account.  After she has received the money, she then informs them via sms that the course has been cancelled and she never returns the money.  This is a hoax and people are warned not pay any money to people posing as trainers for Traffic officers or strangers without confirming that it is legitimate.

3 July 2014 - SAPS Media Release: Hout Bay SAPS - Fire in Imizamo Yethu

On Wednesday, 2014-07-02 at approx. 02:00 a fire started in a bungalow in Sibukwe street, Imizamo Yethu, Hout Bay.  Ten bungalows burnt down and one African male died in the fire.  The deceased is only known by the name of Robert.  An inquest docket was opened.  

18 June 2014 - SAPS Media Release: Hout Bay SAPS - House Robbery

On Tuesday, 2014-06-17 at approx. 21:45 the complainant was inside his residence in Bokkemanskloof area, Hout Bay. He saw four suspects all wearing balaclavas and dark clothing, outside his lounge/kitchen glass door. The suspects used force to open the door.  The suspects were armed with a crowbar, a knife, screwdriver and a panga. After the suspects entered the house, they tied the complainant up with shoe laces, that belonged to one suspect.  The suspects spoke fluent English and a foreign language, which the complainant did not understand.  The suspects followed the complainant through the house and demanded cash.  No injuries were sustained or violent used by the suspects. The following items were taken, cellular phone, laptop, camera, clothing and cash.  A case of House robbery was opened and WO Oosthuizen is the investigating officer. Anyone with information to please contact him on 021 791 8660 or 079 894 1226.

11 June 2014 - SAPS Media Release

HOUT BAY SAPS SUCCESSES: 30 May to 10 June 2014
13 shebeen operations were conducted by members of Hout Bay SAPS, where more than 604 000 ml of liquor were confiscated and 13 arrests were made.
Five arrests were made for dangerous weapons, where suspects were searched and knives were found in their possession.
26 drug arrests were made where random searches were conducted in the Hout Bay area and the following drugs were confiscated:
15 stoppe dagga, bag dagga, three dagga zolle
1 and a half mx tablet
10 and  a half mandrax tablets, mandrax powder
1 gram of cocaine
3 Packets of tik,
Tablet ecstasy
During a combined operation between Traffic and SAPS on Sunday, 8th of June 2014, 6 arrests were made for drunk and driving, the suspects were released on bail and 55 fines were issued to the value of approx. R30 000.00 for various traffic offences.
The crime prevention members made 8 arrests for loitering in different areas, fines were issued to them.

4 June 2014 - Download the latest HBVEMS Newsletter

Hout Bay Volunteer Emergency Medical Service  is a volunteer service providing medical support to the community of Hout Bay and the surrounds. Every weekend crews of 3 run up to 4 shifts, day and night, dealing with everything from car crashes to cardiac arrests, assaults to asthmatics. The service relies on private donations to continue its work. Their monthly newsletter aims to showcase some of the work of the service and to highlight interesting calls / events they have dealt with, as well as some information from lectures held at their monthly meetings. Their committee and members have all been busy with ambulance shifts, school visits as well as planning for the year ahead! They've got a number of trail run standbys in the near future and are planning their celebrations for their 21st anniversary this year. They are also planning a comedy fundraising evening for later in the year and will send out details soon.  Download their May Newsletter >> 

25 May 2014 - SAPS Media Releases

On Sunday, 2014-05-25 at approx. 06:05 members of Hout Bay SAPS were informed of a body in the middle of the street in Bhayi section, Imizamo Yethu, Hout Bay . No witnesses.  The body had injuries to his head and upper body and hands. The body seems to have  been dragged about 150 m from the place where the assault happened.  On investigation SAPS found marks that indicated that the body was dragged from a passage way in between the shacks towards the road.  Members of the community have been interviewed to obtain information, but no information could be obtained at present.  The community indicated they overheard people shouting "catch, catch",  which could be directed at an intruder at their shacks. The victim has not been identified yet. WO Glen Kotze is the Investigating Officer and is following up on the case, if anyone has information the IO can be contacted on 021 791 8660.  No arrests have been made as yet. A murder case was opened.
Two shebeen operations were conducted by members of Hout Bay where 107980L of alcohol was confiscated. 
Six dagga stoppe and one bottle kop with dagga was confiscated and five arrests were made
Three big knives were confiscated and two arrests were made for possession of dangerous weapon in the Hout Bay area.  
Information was received of cultivating of drugs in The Heights Hout Bay.  An integrated operation between Metro drug Unit and Cape Town Intelligence was conducted on Friday, 23rd of May 2014 at 18:00.  When the house was searched, a wendy house at the back was also searched and the following was confiscated, 26 bricks of magic mushrooms, 5 MDMA drug capsules, 2 LSC Tablets, 2 bags of magic mushrooms and various loose indoor grown dagga and cash to the value of R49 180.  While the house was being searched, a vehicle with two males stopped outside the house.  The vehicle and the two males were searched, the following drugs were confiscated: 5 MDMA drug capsules 7 magic mushrooms and 2 x LSD tab stickers.  The 46 year old white woman will appear in the Wynberg Magistrate court on Monday on charges of cultivating and packaging of prohibited substance.  The two 19 year old suspects (who arrived with the vehicle) were arrested for possession of drugs and were released on Bail. Read more SAPS Media Releases>>

20 May 2014 - Thanks given to Watchcon Operator

Lutchiano Esterhuizen received a letter of thanks from Barry Wessels of Stirrup Lane for his assistance, and that of the reponse team, with a medical emergency involving his son  on 15 May. Well done Lutchiano!

15 April 2014 - HBNW AGM 

At the recent HBNW AGM held at Riverside Estates, Captain Jacques Lourens of Hout Bay SAPS presented excellent police crime figures demonstrating how the crime situation in Hout Bay has turned around since the arrival of the new station commissioner, Lt Col Bongani Mtakati, in July 2013. These figures show that the number of reported crime incidents has reduced in all categories across the board. However, for crimes where police intervention is required, that is crimes such as loitering, being drunk in public and being in possession of a dangerous weapon or house breaking implements these percentages have soared, showing that Hout Bay SAPS have successfully implemented a zero tolerance approach to drugs and crime. These arrests highlight how hard Hout Bay SAPS is working and the results are there for all to see. An increase of 766% for confiscation of dangerous weapons and a more than 300% increase for arrests for carrying housebreaking tools is quite staggering. Hout Bay SAPS is currently in 5th position out of 150 police stations in the Western Cape. Another success attributed to the new station commissioner is the number of successful prosecutions of arrested offenders. Lt Colonel Mtakati and Jim McKenna, Hout & Llandudno CPF Chairman, have met with the Wynberg Court prosecutors and have been able to ensure that regular offenders do not get bail and are successfully prosecuted for regularly committing offences.
Anthony Chemaly stepped down after 2 years in the Chair and Frith Stables was elected the new Chairperson of HBNW. In addition Frith Stables was the worthy recipient of the Bruce Taylor Memorial Award for 2014. This award is given each year to the person who, by popular vote of the HBNW members, is deemed to have made a meaningful contribution to neighbourhood watch. 
Bruce Taylor was a member of neighbourhood watch and was tragically killed in a motorbike accident in 2007.  The trophy was donated in his memory by Miki and David Smith of Suikerbossie Restaurant a few years ago because Bruce was a friend, and regularly worked as a DJ at their restaurant.
Left: Frith Stables, newly-elected Chairperson of HBNW, with the Bruce Taylor Memorial Award.  More HBNW AGM pics>>

31 March 2014 - HBVEMS announces their new ExCo

Hout Bay Volunteer EMS are proud to introduce their new Executive Committee for the next 12 months.

Following their election at the recent AGM, the ExCo will be responsible for the management of HBVEMS and are looking forward to an excellent year as they celebrate their 21st Anniversary. 

Validate your HBNW Id Card for 2014!

It is a requirement under Clause 12 of the ‘Western Cape Provincial Constitution and Code of Conduct for Neighbourhood Watch Structures’ that we must ensure all neighbourhood watch identity cards are validated annually.
A couple of years ago, we introduced a simpler way of re-validating your HBNW membership cards. The option to have a new card made up (with a more recent photo) and pay the usual R10 is still in place.  However, we also offer the option to have a validation sticker attached to your existing ID card
Please call in at the WATCHCON OFFICE – Mainstream Centre, behind Wheeler’s Pharmacy – and get your 2014 validation sticker.

17 December 2013 - Calling All Cyclists!

Are you out and about often on the roads and tracks in and around our beautiful village?  Do you know that by doing nothing more than stopping at the Watchcon office (to collect a HBNW Radio) before heading out on your cycle, you can do your Neighbourhood Watch Patrol, by being the additional 'eyes and ears' that are needed to increase our effectiveness in our proactive fight against crime.

Freddie Herbst has introduced an amazing initiative into Hout Bay Neighbourhood watch and would like you to assist. Email Freddie on for more details and assist in keeping our beaches, roads and mountain tracks safe! Image:


Download a HBNW Debit Order Form 

HBNW members (especially those who cannot patrol or help in any other way) here is your chance to contribute. It's time for everyone to do their bit and help fight crime in our beautiful valley. Download this Debit Order form, fill it in and email the completed form to  Or check our bank account details and set up a  Debit Order or regular payment via Internet Banking. You can choose to donate to your area or to HBNW in general or for a special project. And there are NO prescribed amounts! Whatever suits your pocket! 

Link to Suspicious/Wanted vehicles on BKMWatch website

Click here>>  Call Watchcon on 021 790 9333 if seen.
Crime Stats
Comparisons of 2012/2013 Crime Figures (ie April 2012 to March 2013) vs 2013/2014 Crime Figures (ie April 2013 to March 2014) as provided by Hout Bay SAPS:
  • The total number of reported contact crime incidents dropped by 13.4%.
  • The number of reported property related crimes dropped by 22.9%.
  • The number of reported incidents of robbery aggrevated reduced by 17.6%.
  • The number of crimes where police detection and intervention is required (such as drug arrests, confiscations of dangerous weapons, being in possession of house breaking implements or drunk driving arrests) increased by 89.8%. These percentages are calculated in comparison to the same period in the previous year, ie April 2012 to March 2013.

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Safety Tips
Ensure that all valuables and important documents are photocopied, authenticated by a Commissioner of Oaths and securely locked away. If you do not have a fire proof home safe, lodge these copies with your bank for safekeeping. 
Ensure that perimeter doors are fitted with adequate locks. The front door should have a safety chain or  safety latch and, if the door has no vision panel, a door viewer. If keys to perimeter doors are mislaid, those locks should be replaced.
We welcome input from our members so please pass on your security tips and, where relevant, we will publish them  and acknowledge the contributor. Read more tips>>

Other Security Tips:

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