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27 Nov 2015 - HBNWatchcon "gets its own Mounties" & the 2015/2016 Beach Safety Project kicks off

HBNWatchcon is currently involved in two community safety projects to promote broader community safety within Hout Bay. As well as the usual Beach Safety Project now in its 6th year, HBNW is investigating several options to assist the horse riding community by coordinating various Law enforcement entities and interest groups who can and will assist with rider safety initiatives. In return riders will be encouraged to join HBNW and purchase HBNWatchcon radios. This will then enable riders to promote broader community safety by becoming more active in the role of mounted patrolling. There is a meeting for all horse riders on Tues 1 December at the Riding Centre at 10h00. Find out how you can assist >>
For the Beach Safety Project,  HBNWatchcon is once again appealing for members to volunteer for Beach Patrols over the festive season. SAPS, Law Enforcement, NSRI, HBNW, Watchcon, the Life Guarding Association of the Western Cape and a variety of our local Security Service Providers will again collaborate to ensure a happy and safe holiday for all.
For those who haven't volunteered before, Beach Patrols are really not onerous at all. For 2 hours you and a fellow patroller walk along Hout Bay beach with an HBNW Radio and report any problems to Watchcon. It's "Eyes and Ears" only!  What could be simpler or more enjoyable during our summer holiday period? And full instructions regarding picking up the Radio, how to contact Watchcon, which call signs to use etc., will be sent to all Patrollers beforehand.  To find out how you can help click here>>

14 Nov 2015 - HBNWatchcon Raffle draws to a close

At 11h00 on Saturday 14 November at Hout Bay SuperSpar, one of HBNWatchcon's biggest fund raisers came to an exciting end with the draw for over R60 000 worth of prizes donated by local businesses. Launched on 29 September this raffle has raised over R70 000 to take HBNWatchcon to it's Phase 1 goal of R250 000 to upgrade and modernise the infrastructure at the Watchcon Control room.  Please support those who support us. In the pic on the left is Peter Corbett (Fine Art Photographic Gallery) who donated a beautiful limited edition photograph, framed by Framed of Woodstock (Idill Kellerman) with hanging service by Brett Deacon. For a full list of prizes donated by our loyal and generous Hout Bay supporters and businesses click here>>

8 November - Longkloof Residents are making a difference....  

Communities that stand together against crime do make a difference. Read this email to HBNW members and residents after an incident in the Upper Valley on Thursday 22 October:
Last night (8 November) at 22h46 five suspected thieves were detected entering Longkloof through a pre-cut hole in the Orangekloof perimeter fence. The Longkloof night patroller as well as 1st Responders immediately moved into position. The 1st Responders patrolled the upper valley and into Orangekloof Nature Reserve and the thieves immediately headed back into Orangekloof not to be seen again.  Read more>>

30 October - Security Message from ADT, Sponsors of HBNWatchcon

There has been a marked increase in housebreakings and attempted housebreakings within your area.
The current modus operandi has been noticed:
Access is gained by forced entry through front doors and windows
Small quick grab items are targeted such as laptops, cell phones, jewelry and money
We remind you to remain vigilant and alert and to please take note of the security tips below:
  • Consider installing outside beams to act as a pre-warning detection device, before suspects can gain access to your home. If you have beams installed, arm these even if you are at home.
  • Set your alarm, even when you are at home by utilizing your STAY function. It is important to set your alarm even when you are only 'popping out' for a few minutes.
  • Test your alarm at least once a month to ensure that the Control Room are receiving your signal, and ensure that your key holder information is up to date.
  • Ensure that perimeter doors are fitted with adequate locks, and/or security gate.
  • Reduce all heavy foliage near the garage entrance and front door to reduce the possibility of those spots being used as a hiding place. 
  • Ensure your electric fence is linked to your alarm system and zoned accordingly.
  • Have your exit and entry alarm time delays minimized especially if you have an alarm remote, remember the longer the entry time delay the longer the suspect has before the alarm activates if gaining access through the front door.
  • Ensure that your domestics have been shown where the emergency buttons are and how to use them, consider a remote panic which they can carry.
For any further queries, please contact Brendon Berry, the Community Development Manager, on 

19 October - Security update by Rod Panagos, HBNWatchcon Operations

Community & SAPS (COSAPS) operations meetings of which HBNW is an active participant occur every Monday morning to review changing crime patterns and develop plans to counter them. Here are a few points raised at recent meetings:
North Shore and Beach Estate: Theft Out Of Vehicle (TOOV).
North Shore and Beach Estate continue to be hard hit by TOOV incidents. Please do not leave anything valuable and visible in your cars.
The hassle of removing your possessions from the car is small compared to the hassle of having to go through the claim procedures to replace your lost items and repair your car. 
Internet Scams:
In one week alone 5 Hout Bay residents have fallen victim to Internet Phishing scams and lost a considerable amount of their hard earned money. If you have friends or family who are not well versed in using the internet, please help them to understand the dangers and to NEVER give out their personal or banking information online or via telephone communications. No matter how valid the offer may seem to be ALWAYS check on your banks web site for latest information on the different types of scams in use.
Always check to see if the email link is from a https site.  If the URL shows  http only then it’s not from your bank.  Mark the sender as a Junk mailer.
Summer Safety:  
As we get into summer more residents will be hiking , mountain biking and horse riding the valley slopes, beaches and visiting Sandy Bay.  
Please note that the dirt contour track from the top of Kroonenzicht heading Westerly above Sandy Bay and the areas around Sandy Bay itself are isolated and that every year a number of muggings occur in these areas. 
SAPS is requesting that members who may  be in these areas help prevent muggings by reporting any suspicious persons they may observe. Please be specific with respect to providing detailed descriptions of what the person or persons are wearing, carrying, build and description of any extra ordinary features such as facial hair.
Carry your HBNW radios and make sure HBNWatchcon’s number 021 790 9333 is pre-programmed into your phones.
HBNW is especially keen to engage our horse riding members who ride the Sandy Bay trails to become mounted patrollers.
Any riders interested in assisting must please email Rod Panagos on 
Penzance, Berg en Dal, Scott Estate, Tierboskloof, Baviaanskloof slopes:
Members and residents who have views of the mountain slopes directly above these areas must please report any activity they see on these slopes.  Groups of young teens have been engaged in observing properties and cutting fences even in broad daylight.  As a preventative measure these groups must be reported and tracked to ensure that they are not engaged in criminal activity.

23 October 2015 - Media Release: Hout Bay SAPS 

The information in all the SAPS media releases below is as received from Corporate Communication Hout Bay SAPS.  HBNW does not take responsibility for the accuracy of the data, or information provided.  HBNW provides this data to you, the member, for your interest and awareness. Any comments can be addressed directly to SAPS as per the contact information on this link >>
Theft of wheelie bins:
Many cases of theft of wheelie bins have been reported to SAPS, many efforts have been made to address property related crime cases. However, the community’s assistance is needed to prevent this crime from happening. SAPS would like to sensitize the community again to address this issue and suggests that bins only be put out on collection day and not the evening before. Please bring the bins back in again on the same day after collection. Mark your wheelie bin, if the wind blows it down the road, it would not go far. If a marked bin is found it would be easier to return to the rightful owner. If these tips are followed it will reduce the risk of bins being stolen.
Theft of handbags at Restaurants:
It has become a trend that ladies handbags are being stolen from restaurants and beaches. It has been noticed that this crime is committed by women and sometimes children. Always keep your handbag close to you and do not leave it open, it only takes a few seconds to snatch a phone from a handbag.
Theft out of motor vehicles:
Do not leave any valuable items inside your vehicle, even if you park for only a few minutes. Laptops, cellular phones, clothes and shoes, radio front faces, cd’s and GPS’s are amongst reported items being stolen from vehicles. GPS holders are left on the windows; criminals break windows to check if the GPS is under the seat of the vehicle or in the glove compartment. Do not create an opportunity for criminals.
When you park your vehicle at a mall, ensure that it is indeed locked by trying to open your door. Many cases of theft out of motor vehicles are reported to SAPS where no visible forced entry was used to gain entry, for example; tampering with locks or breaking of windows. It was discovered that criminals are making use of a jamming device that blocks the signal to lock your car.
Internet Fraud:
Do not respond to phone calls, phone (sms) messages or e-mails where strangers inform you that you have won cash or have to pay them an amount of cash before you can receive the prize. This could be a scam and could cost you lots of money and your personal details should never be given or confirmed over a telephone.
Take note of your surroundings when walking alone or waiting at a bus stop. Do not walk in deserted or dark areas. You could be exposing yourself to potential danger. Criminals are opportunistic and will take advantage of any situation.
House robberies:
During home invasions, complainants have reported that suspects gain entry to houses through sliding doors and windows that have been left open or are unlocked. Alarms and beams are not activated; make sure that these are activated as this will act as an early warning in case of an intruder. When leaving your home or returning, be vigilant and report strangers hanging around your property. Report any suspicious activities in your neighbourhood to Hout Bay SAPS 021 791 9300 or 10111 or Watchcon 021 790 9333.

14 October 2015 - Block 4 "Burger & Quiz Evening" at La Cuccina

Over 70 people attended the event. Ian Gersowsky and his La Cuccina team provided a very tasty burger supper, and with Julie Banham as compere and quizmaster, there were lots of fun quiz prizes and lucky ticket draw prizes given away throughout the evening. Local sponsors were very generous in their support.
Once again, Block 4 members, and a few guests from other parts of Hout Bay, were able to socialise with like-minded neighbourhood watch supporters who, during the course of the evening, were again thanked for their contribution to this important community initiative. Left are Committee members Julie Banham, Gary Greenstone, Mike McLennan with Jenny Niemand. Click here for a selection of photos taken at the event >>

13 October 2015 - HBNW's  Watchcon Control room has Moved! 

HBNWatchcon Control room has moved to bigger and better premises. The new location at Earthworx (old International School) is centrally located and now has a larger control room, as well as space for Metro's Law Enforcement Officers to have a base in Hout Bay.
We have taken an extremely important first step towards capacitating ourselves to curb the criminal challenges that  we are faced with, so to everyone who pitched in to make it happen, members, sponsors, fund raisers, donors and to ADT, who have sponsored parts of the move, a very big thank you!
Without their ongoing support this upgrade would not have been possible. Further phases of the Watchcon project include additional Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras as well as professional camera monitoring, so please keep your donations coming in. 
Remember, without HBNW's Watchcon Controllers and Radio network, Hout Bay's security and emergency personnel would be operating independently and in silence! So, in an emergency, call Watchcon on 021 790 9333, 24/7 for all residents.
For more information and ways to contribute, please see the attached leaflet and debit order form.

31 August 2015 - Media Release: Hout Bay SAPS 

On Sunday, 2015-08-30 at approx. 23:00 a house robbery occurred in Beach crescent, Hout Bay while the complainant was alone at home. It is suspected that the suspect gained entry through an open window. The suspect was armed with a knife. The following items were taken - jewellery, cash, shoes and a bag. Members of Hout Bay SAPS followed up on information, which led to an arrest of a 30 year old male from Imizamo Yethu, Hout Bay, after the suspect’s dwelling was searched and some of the stolen property was recovered. The suspect is due to appear in the Wynberg Magistrate court on Tuesday, 1st of September 2015 on charges of House robbery and Possession of suspected stolen goods.
Excellent team work between SAPS and Watchcon
On Monday, 31 August 2015 at approx. 03:00 a Watchcon operator informed SAPS about suspicious people in Pondicherry and Clyde street, Hout Bay. Two SAPS vehicles attended to the complaint and noticed two suspects hiding in the bushes. SAPS vehicles blocked off the area and apprehended and searched the two suspects. Gloves and a screwdriver were found in their possession. The following items were hidden in the nearby bushes - a crowbar, gloves and more house breaking implements. The two suspects that were arrested are from Imizamo Yethu, Hout Bay and between the ages of 28 and 30. Both suspects are due to appear in the Wynberg Magistrate Court on Tuesday, 1st of September 2015 on charges of Possession of housebreaking implements. Read more SAPS Media Releases>>

 ADT offer their Clients a free FindU App for Smartphones

With the ADT FindU App you will receive personal monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You will have access to Armed Response, medical assistance, mountain, wilderness and sea rescue services. See more details on this brochure. Read more>>

Please Validate your HBNW Identity Card

It is a requirement under Clause 12 of the ‘Western Cape Provincial Constitution and Code of Conduct for Neighbourhood Watch Structures’ that we must ensure all identity cards are validated annually.
To be compliant with the Western Cape Province Constitution for Neighbourhood Watch’s, this Annual process is to be implemented immediately and we appeal to all members to comply. Find out how>>

Download a HBNW Debit Order Form 

HBNW members (especially those who cannot patrol or help in any other way) here is your chance to contribute. It's time for everyone to do their bit and help fight crime in our beautiful valley. Download this Debit Order form, fill it in and email the completed form to  Or check our bank account details and set up a  Debit Order or regular payment via Internet Banking. You can choose to donate to your area or to HBNW in general  (use "Watchcon" as a reference) or for a special project. And there are NO prescribed amounts! Whatever suits your pocket! 

Link to Suspicious/Wanted vehicles on BKMWatch website

Click here>>  Call Watchcon on 021 790 9333 if seen.
Crimes reported to SAPS - April 2014 to March 2015:
The good news is that, except for contact crime (rapes, muggings etc) where there were more reported cases during this past year than last year (2013/2014), the numbers for all other reported crimes have decreased.
  • The number of murders decreased, 
  • Malicious damage to property down 10% 
  • Property related crimes, such as House Break Ins, down 20%   
  • Theft & commercial crime down 5% 
  • The number of House robberies has also decreased  
On the other hand, arrests for crimes in which the actions of the SAPS members play a major part (pro-active policing) have increased. These are:
  • drug arrests 
  • arrests for being in the possession of stolen goods or dangerous weapons (up by 150 cases)
  • arrests for drunken driving (up by 20 cases)
Also the number of shebeens in Hout Bay has decreased from 128 to about 16, as a result of these SAPS operations. This has definitely had an effect on reducing the number of crimes committed in Hout Bay.

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Safety Tips
Ensure that all valuables and important documents are photocopied, authenticated by a Commissioner of Oaths and securely locked away. If you do not have a fire proof home safe, lodge these copies with your bank for safekeeping. 
Ensure that perimeter doors are fitted with adequate locks. The front door should have a safety chain or  safety latch and, if the door has no vision panel, a door viewer. If keys to perimeter doors are mislaid, those locks should be replaced.
We welcome input from our members so please pass on your security tips and, where relevant, we will publish them  and acknowledge the contributor. Read more tips>>

Other Security Tips:

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