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Watchcon is in urgent need of funds to upgrade the CCTV “back-haul” (the wireless infrastructure) to
accommodate existing and additional CCTV cameras, as well as 2 additional Repeaters to improve and upgrade our radio network at the Watchcon Radio Control room. In addition professional camera monitoring is required. Our business strategy budget has been approved by EXCO and is published above. Thank you to all who have donated! Please keep the donations coming in. Use reference "Watchcon" and your name.
Banking Details:
Bank: Nedbank               Branch: Hout Bay
Branch code: 167 609  Account type: Cheque
Account number: 167 602 9133
Account name: Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch

28 Jan 2015 - Successful Operation by Hout Bay SAPS CPU

The information below is as received from SAPS.  HBNW does not take responsibility for the accuracy of the data, or information provided.  HBNW provides this data to you, the member, for your interest and awareness. Any comments can be addressed directly to SAPS as per this contact information >>

Hout Bay SAPS Crime Prevention Unit (CPU) planned an operation last night after information was received relating to a house robbery committed last week. This operation resulted in the arrest of 3 suspects ages 22 - 26, the recovery of stolen goods and confiscation of drugs. The suspects will be linked with other house and street robberies and will appear in the Wynberg Magistrate on several charges including house robbery, possession of suspected stolen goods and possession of tik.

27 Jan 2015 - Successful seizure of drugs resulting in two arrests

While conducting standard Vehicle observations on Valley Road on Thursday, 22 January 2015 at 21:00, members of Hout Bay SAPS stopped and searched a suspicious vehicle, with 2 occupants, a 24 year old female and 38 year old male.

During the search, bags containing uncut drugs; cocaine and rocks (value unknown) were found. The occupants were arrested and the vehicle and cellular phones confiscated. Both suspects appeared in the Wynberg Magistrate court on Monday 26th January on related charges.

26 Jan 2015 - Body found on Sandy Bay Beach, Sunday 25th January.

On Sunday, 25th of January 2015 at 08:30 SAPS Hout Bay received notification from a member of the public who noticed a decomposed body, which had washed out, lying between the rocks. SAPS and Forensic Pathology attended the scene and removed the body.
An autopsy has been scheduled, the race and gender cannot be determined at this stage. A pair of black socks was the only clothing on the body of the deceased.
An inquest docket has been registered. Anyone with information to please contact Cst Moqoqi at Hout Bay SAPS on 021 791 8660. All leads will be followed up to identify the body.

18 Jan 2015 - Zero Crime reported on Hout Bay Beach over the Festive Season

The Community Policing Forum requested Hout Bay residents volunteer time over the festive season to patrol Hout Bay beach as an extension of SAPS “eyes and ears” during the festive season, due to increased beach activity. This was the fifth year residents have assisted in this way. 
The festive season project includes  SAPS, Lifeguards, Law Enforcement, a variety of Security Service Providers, Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch and Community Volunteers. This year’s project started on Thursday 11 December 2014 and ran through until Sunday 18 January 2015.  Volunteers signed up for 2hour shifts starting from 07:30 each morning. By the end of the project the community volunteers had patrolled in excess of 406 hours.
Hooked on Africa Charters, Riverside Estate, Sorbet Hout Bay and Massimo’s sponsored prizes for the volunteers who completed the most patrols and these were awarded to:
3rd Place (Massage from Sorbet Hout Bay and Meal vouchers from Massimos), Patrolling 44 hours, and doing rubbish collection along the way was awarded to Ellen Nortje.
2nd Place (Riverside Estate accommodation voucher), Patrolling 66hours, Clive Seaton.
1st Place (Hooked on Africa Charter for 8 people), for Patrolling 80 hours, and walking more than 280kms along Hout Bay’s beaches during the festive season went to Nic Felmore, seen above with JJ De villiers, Hout Bay CPF Chairman
During the project Captain Lourens corresponded with the project administrators stating: “I'm glad to report that the Beach Project made a enormous impact towards the fight against crime.  From Lt Col Mtakati and myself thank you for the outstanding work done by each and every community member. This project is a huge success and I'm proud to work in a town with such positive people”.
Captain Lourens and Warrant Officer T Lesch joined this seasons “wrap party” to celebrate the end of a successful beach patrol season and personally thanked all the volunteers, patrollers and administrators.  Report and pics: Joanne Chemaly, Public Relations Executive - Hout Bay Community Policing Forum. See more pics in our Gallery>>

11 Jan 2015 - Cyclist Mugged on Main road, near DARG.

Message received from Iain McIntosh.
I am one of the seniors running Hout Bay Cycling club for IY youngsters. I live in Meadows and the club runs from James House. On Sunday 11 January, at around 11:00am, one of my older cyclists, Bob Nkuzo, who is 18, was cycling back to the club just past DARG and was cornered on the main road by 7 youngsters in their early 20's and they were carrying knives. They managed to steal the bike worth R12,000.00 and his cellphone and Garmin which was attached. Luckily a motorist witnessed the event contacted the police and tracked the assailants. The bike and garmin was recovered. They were trying to sell it for R200.00 !!. Bob was shaken up but the police helped and brought him to our house and we got him home. He knew one or two of the attackers, which is why they also tried to stab him, as they were recognised. I hope you can post this and a warning as this is becoming a dangerous section of road. 

7 Jan 2015 - Two Arrested in Hout Bay Murder

On Saturday, 2nd of January 2015 at approx 02:00 SAPS was alerted through Watchcom about a crime being committed at a block of flats near the beach in Hout Bay.  On the arrival of SAPS members they found a 29 year old victim, with multiple stab wounds to her upper body.  Paramedics attended to her, but she died on the scene. The crime scene was attended by senior police officers, photographers and Forensic team. Victim support attended to family members later the same day. Two suspects were arrested and appeared in the Wynberg Magistrate court on Monday, 5th of January 2015 on charges of Murder. Both suspects were released on a R1 000 bail. The court case was postponed to the 24th of March 2015. Investigation continues and information is being followed up. Cst Mqoqi can be contacted with any enquiries or further information on 021 791 8660.

25 Nov 2014 - Hout Bay SAPS: Successes of the Week 17 - 23 November

On the 20th of November 2014 at 14:45 the complainant was riding on his bicycle in Main rd Hout Bay. He saw 3 males sitting next to the road. When he got closer to them, two of the men, armed with a knife, got up and and screamed at him and demanded his cellular phone. The complainant handed his cellular phone over and reported the incident to SAPS and opened a criminal case. The complainant identified one of the suspects in a photo album.  SAPS members followed up on the information and arrested the suspect at 04:00. The 27 year old suspect will appear on Tuesday, 25th of November 2014 on charges of Robbery.
Two arrests were made for drunk in public, 12 drug arrests were executed for the week and the following drugs were confiscated, 3 zolle of dagga, 12 stoppe of dagga, 1 bottle neck with dagga, 1 copper pipe with dagga and one bag containing dagga, 1 beer bottle neck with dagga, 6 packets of tik, 1 and ½ mandrax tablets and mx powder.
One arrest was made for possession of suspected stolen property.  Two arrests were made for Assault and one arrest for House breaking.  During a tracing operation on the 20th of November 2014 , 3 arrests were made by the CID members, which included, theft and assault cases. 
Two shebeen related arrests were made over the weekend.
On Thursday, 20th of November 2014 at 14:50 members of the diving unit went for a diving exercise and when they returned oxygen bottles were stolen out of the vehicles.  Two arrests were made, the two suspects will appear on Monday on charges of Theft out of motor vehicle. 

22 Nov 2014 - Safety tips from HBNW and Hout Bay SAPS 

Home Security
  • There is a lack adequate lighting and secure off- street parking in all areas. Please consider installing energy saver spot lights for outside your home. Especially residents in Penzance, Empire Ave and Albert Road areas. Well lit streets and pavements assist SAPS, SSP’s and patrollers. Lights prevent easy escape as there are no dark corners to hide in and the one thing these criminals fear is they might be spotted and caught. 
  • Clear all vegetation off the pavements and fences, again no hiding places.
  • Have your alarms serviced regularly and do test’s, check batteries.
  • Check beams, and clean out covers. Ants love making nest in these.
  • Note that our SSP’s always react to every activation whether true or false. But a false alarm wastes time, and could mean the minutes needed between catching a criminal or not. 
  • Residents need to be extra vigilant. Check alarms are activated and doors/windows locked and secured when retiring for the evening.
  • When your alarm is disarmed, try and keep doors locked and windows closed. You shouldn’t be dropping all your layers of security at once. Do not go outside to check why your beams have activated or to investigate a noise. Instead contact your Security Service Provider to check.
Personal Security
  • Do not accept any help from strangers at ATM, they switch the cards, without you even knowing about it.
  • When going to a mall or shopping areas, do not park in deserted areas or areas that are not well lit.
  • When walking on the beach or on hikes in the mountain, do not walk alone, walk in groups it is safer.
  • Do not wear jewellery, or carry expensive equipment (cameras, cellular phones, ipads, laptops etc).
  • Leave absolutely nothing exposed and visible in your vehicle when parking on the street, in any public space or your driveway.
  • Do not leave your bag on the front seat of your vehicles, suspects often stand at robots and it takes them a few seconds to break your window and snatch your bag.
  • Do not leave any articles visible or inside your vehicle, or even in the boot. Suspects watch you leaving your vehicle.
  • Do not drink and drive over the festive season or any other time.  Get a designated driver or use a taxi service.

22 Nov 2014 - Thanks to the ladies of the Hout Bay 50c Project

The ladies of this NGO have adopted the Watchcon Fundraiser as a project, and canvassed for new HBNW members and donations at the “Blow the Whistle on Crime” Walk/Run they organised on the 15th November 2014. A sincere thank you and appreciation to Annie Mercer and her team. Remember these whistles are available for R20 from various suppliers in Hout Bay. All funds generated are for Hout Bay & Llandudno CPF.

7 Nov 2014 - Corporate Communication - Hout Bay SAPS. Teamwork results in Arrest.

On Monday, 3rd of November 2014 at approx. 07:00 a housebreaking occurred in Valley Rd. SAPS members, NHW members and SSP”s (Security Service providers) responded to the radio calls. Another community member phoned to inform SAPS that a suspect ran through her premises.  Captain Jacques Lourens, WO Paul Lund and JJ de Villiers from the NHW followed up on the information provided and searched for the suspect. After the suspect was apprehended, he was searched and the stolen property was still in his possession, which included a cellular phone, camera, CD holder and cash. The suspect then pointed out to SAPS where he dropped more  stolen items. SAPS received more phone calls and reported more breakings.
The suspect appeared in the Wynberg magistrate court on Wednesday, 5th of November 2014 on charges of House breakings x2 and Possession of suspected stolen goods.  SAPS want to thank all the role players who assisted in apprehending the suspect. Read more SAPS Media Releases>>

7 October 2014 - Download the latest HBVEMS Newsletter

Hout Bay Volunteer Emergency Medical Service  is a volunteer service providing medical support to the community of Hout Bay and the surrounds. Every weekend crews of 3 run up to 4 shifts, day and night, dealing with everything from car crashes to cardiac arrests, assaults to asthmatics. The service relies on private donations to continue its work. If anyone would like to support the service by making a monthly debit order, their bank details are in the newsletter. Download their September Newsletter >> 

15 September 2014 - Letter to HBNW from a local Resident 

I would like to compliment your team in respect of a break in my parents had in their cottage yesterday morning, Sunday 14th September at 07h00. A suspect smashed a front window with a rock and stole a laptop. My parents were in the cottage at the time and were traumatised, but are safe. When I heard the smash I ran up to the house but the guy had run out the front gate. We were fortunate to come across one of the ADT patrol vehicles. The guard who was driving was quick to get hold of Watchcon and then a search began. In the interim the police had arrived and took a statement and took the knife that the burglar had dropped. After roughly 25 minutes, ADT said they had caught the burglar with my parents laptop. What a fantastic response all round and hats off to all involved!!


Download a HBNW Debit Order Form 

HBNW members (especially those who cannot patrol or help in any other way) here is your chance to contribute. It's time for everyone to do their bit and help fight crime in our beautiful valley. Download this Debit Order form, fill it in and email the completed form to  Or check our bank account details and set up a  Debit Order or regular payment via Internet Banking. You can choose to donate to your area or to HBNW in general  (use "Watchcon" as a reference) or for a special project. And there are NO prescribed amounts! Whatever suits your pocket! 

Link to Suspicious/Wanted vehicles on BKMWatch website

Click here>>  Call Watchcon on 021 790 9333 if seen.
Crime Stats
Comparisons of 2012/2013 Crime Figures (ie April 2012 to March 2013) vs 2013/2014 Crime Figures (ie April 2013 to March 2014) as provided by Hout Bay SAPS:
  • The total number of reported contact crime incidents dropped by 13.4%.
  • The number of reported property related crimes dropped by 22.9%.
  • The number of reported incidents of robbery aggrevated reduced by 17.6%.
  • The number of crimes where police detection and intervention is required (such as drug arrests, confiscations of dangerous weapons, being in possession of house breaking implements or drunk driving arrests) increased by 89.8%. These percentages are calculated in comparison to the same period in the previous year, ie April 2012 to March 2013.

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Safety Tips
Ensure that all valuables and important documents are photocopied, authenticated by a Commissioner of Oaths and securely locked away. If you do not have a fire proof home safe, lodge these copies with your bank for safekeeping. 
Ensure that perimeter doors are fitted with adequate locks. The front door should have a safety chain or  safety latch and, if the door has no vision panel, a door viewer. If keys to perimeter doors are mislaid, those locks should be replaced.
We welcome input from our members so please pass on your security tips and, where relevant, we will publish them  and acknowledge the contributor. Read more tips>>

Other Security Tips:

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Branch code: 167 609  Account type: Cheque
Account number: 167 602 9133
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