Hangberg Satellite Office Upgrade

Only one short year ago, on the evening of 1 August 2018, HBNW Manco members met with the Hangberg community to discuss the HBNW Satellite Office. We all agreed that it was a fantastic opportunity for the community and that there were a number of exciting things we could do from this base, ensuring that the ‘Safe Zone’ added huge value to the community, and at the same time became a self-sustaining entity.

We are now pleased to announce that, based on this community involvement, the Hangberg Satellite Office, a ‘Safe Zone’ for the patrollers to operate from, has been upgraded using funds raised to secure the facility.

HBNW initially had a 'Safe Zone’ fundraising day on 11 August 2018 at the Hangberg Centre where we shared information about the plans for the office and made some great contacts in the community. This lead to the generous donation from a benefactor who wishes to remain anonymous and shows what is possible when we all play our part.

This is a truly wonderful project that will have a ripple effect of combating crime, and HBNW are excited to be a part of it. The area continues to experience challenges, and there have been ups and downs, but we have pushed through with the project, against the odds, to get this up and running.

The dedication of the active patrollers in the area establishes a visible presence. The on duty patrollers will be ideally situated to keep an eye on the area, reporting truancy issues and even extending to the ongoing littering of the area, despite it being cleaned on a regular basis. In conjunction with City we are attempting to find permanent solutions and the area is experiencing further upgrades of the roof of the complex as well as much needed electricity supply.

Immediate Services to Manage from the Office:

  • Location from which HBNW patrols begin (a base station), a briefing station and to provide a place for community members to feel safe to come.
  • Cleaning services in and around the office to ensure a clean / pleasant environment for people from the community to want to come.
  • Complaints / Comments box allowing the community to come to the office to share service requests which can be submitted via Link or to E-Services centrally.

A local supplier was contracted so as to put funds back into the community and create employment by utilising the excellent skills of these talented builders and craftsman. The following has been replaced:

  • Steel Security Door
  • Metal security gate for front door
  • Metal grate for the window

Future Requirements

  • Paint for inside and outside walls
  • Sign describing office to community
  • Cleaning material, brooms and bags to clean up inside and outside
  • Bench where people can rest
  • Table and chairs
  • Whiteboard / Chalkboard for inside
  • Schedule of patrollers for the monitoring of the office
  • Urn for coffee and tea
  • Bins outside the area and at the taxi rank so that people can use these for litter

We appeal to the community to donate any material or items to cover the priorities above.

Further Plans

  • Additional lighting outside the office
  • CCTV cameras to monitor in the area

Special thanks to various community leaders for planting the seeds of growth and seeing our vision. Looking forward to making this a great project for HBNW and the community.