In response to our President’s call for a nationwide lockdown, Neighbourhood Watches may not patrol at all during this time.

What does lockdown mean ?

From Ward Councillor Roberto Quintas

There is so much misinformation and there are some very pertinent ongoing questions that seem to be repeated.

Stay at home unless:

  • You’re buying food from a grocery retailer
  • You’re buying pet food from pet shops
  • You’re going to the pharmacy
  • You’re going to a hospital or clinic
  • You’re going to a police station
  • You’re going to the vet

That’s about it.

  • No jogging, no walks, no dog walks.
  • If it’s work related, you can go to work if you’re designated essential services.

These include:

  • medical, safety and security services and businesses
  • public representatives from all three spheres of government
  • Government services (National, Provincial and local): sanitation, disaster management, water and refuse
  • or if you work in the food retail, food manufacturing
  • and medical fields.

If you run an animal shelter, or a nursery etc: you need your papers (ownership, letterheads) in order, and can go in only to clean cages, feed and water.

If you’re a plumber: you can only go out on an emergency call (burst geyser, water pipes or blocked toilets).

If you’re an electrician: emergency house calls only.

Plumbers and Electricians to have credentials with them.

If you are not in any of the above mentioned designated groups, it’s simple... stay at home.

Official Communication

Annexure B List of Critical Services proposed for business continuity.doc.pdf