What is the National Lockdown?

A lockdown is an emergency protocol that requires all South Africans to stay at home unless you are performing an essential service. Places that are usually open to the public, such as parks, restaurants, clothing retail shops, public swimming pools, libraries and gyms will be closed.

Why are we having a lockdown?

To slow down or prevent the spread of covid-19 and flatten the curve, which is a category of coronavirus. This virus is spread via droplets from sneezes or coughs which is easily transmitted when people are an in close proximity and share common areas.

Who do I contact for social services assistance during the lockdown?

Mental health resources and contact numbers:

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group-SADAG (http://www.sadag.org/) has various resources on their website. They have specific resources dedicated to assisting during the COVID-19 period. These include factual information about the virus itself, Anxiety management and counselling as well as for Depression and Addiction. Sessions are telephonic and they have an online chat service. 0800 21 22 23

Cape Mental Health provides a comprehensive mental health service telephonically. They also provide support in terms of admissions if a person loses insight in their condition or requires involuntary hospitalisation. Other services include Fountain house and psychosocial rehabilitation. Contact details (021)447 9040 or info@cmh.org.za.

National AIDS Helpline - 0800 012 322

Who should I contact to report child or spousal abuse, or any form of domestic violence?

Call 0800 150 150 SAPS will respond.

Gender- Based Violence command centre - they offer online trauma counselling - *120*7867# / 0800 428 428

Women abuse helpline - 0800 150 150

Childline - 0800 055 555

Assistance for People with Disabilities

During the lockdown, caregivers will continue assisting people with disabilities, as they have been deemed essential service workers. They will assist those living disabilities continue to access services and goods, including access to social grants and to perform other essential tasks.

What happens to anyone who contravenes the restrictions?

Anyone who contravenes the lockdown regulations by not adhering to the restrictions on movement and closures will be guilty of an offence and on conviction, liable to a fine or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months or to both such fine and imprisonment.

Indigent Relief

For information on how to apply for indigent relief please send an email to indigent.relief@capetown.gov.za or visit www.capetown.gov.za/indigentbenefits.

How to apply?

Pensioners and social grant beneficiaries:

Download the Application Form for Pensioners and Social Grant Beneficiaries at: Apply for senior citizen support.

Please include with your application (note some of these documents might not be obtainable during the national lockdown):

  • Certified copies of proof of income (not older than three months) for the owner and spouse/partner and three months’ original, printed bank statements for all banking accounts from all banking institutions (not older than three months)
  • Certified copies of ID of owner and spouse/partner
  • Certified copy of lease agreement if your property or a portion of your property is being leased
  • Certified copies of proof of pension (private and state pension)
  • Certified copies of proof of investments or dividends
  • Certified copies of proof of usufruct/habitation/executor/administrator or curator
  • Certified copy of proof of trust document and income of all beneficiaries of the trust if applicable
  • A certified copy of the applicant’s ID and proof of income for all owners is required if the property is registered in the names of multiple owners; together with a certified power of attorney permitting the applicant to act on behalf of the other owners in respect of the specific property
  • A certified copy of the applicant’s (person residing’s) ID and certified proof of income for all other members if the property is registered as a close corporation (CC); in addition, a certified letter permitting the applicant to act on behalf of the other owners in respect of the specific property
  • A certified copy of death certificate or Will, if applicable

Indigent support

STEP 1: Download the Application for Indigent Support form at: Apply for indigent rates relief (restricted channels during lockdown).

STEP 2: Ensure relevant documentation is included with the application.

STEP 3: Submit to indigent.relief@capetown.gov.za. When posting a form, a certified copy of your ID or other proof of identification needs to be included.

Rates rebates for pensioners and social grant beneficiaries as of 1 July 2020.

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) has issued emergency numbers for complaints against the police during the Covid-19 lockdown. Western Cape number: 073 890 1269