Coronavirus COVID-19 Alert level 1

Alert level 1

Most normal activity can resume, with precautions and health guidelines followed at all times. Population prepared for an increase in alert levels if necessary

Draft Risk Adjustment Strategy

The following information is from the draft Risk Adjustment Strategy and will only be finalised at a later date.

Level One: Permitted Retail and Service Operations; and Personal Movement

All COVID-19 health and safety protocols must be followed at all times, including observance of guidelines for social distancing, sanitation and hygiene, and use of appropriate personal protective equipment, like cloth face masks, as determined by the National Department of Health

People may travel to perform and acquire services only where such services cannot be provided from the safety of one’s home

A reference to a permitted level of employment must take into account the necessary social distancing guidelines as per the National Department of Health.

In the document, when moving between levels, the green text means additions or changes from the prior level. For example, Level 4 adds forestry, logging and related services to Agriculture. It is now market in green in Level 4

A. Agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing:

1. All agriculture, hunting, forestry, fishing and related services permitted

B. Electricity, gas and water supply:

1. All electricity, gas and water supply

C. Manufacturing:

1. All manufacturing at 100% employment

D. Construction and related services (inc. tradespeople)

1. All construction projects permitted

E. Wholesale and retail trade, covering stores, spaza shops, eCommerce and informal traders

1. All retail permitted, subject to directions

F. Information and communication services:

1. All telecommunication services and infrastructure;

2. Information and Communication Technology services for all private and business customers;

3. All postal services and courier services (i.e. eCommerce) permitted

G. Media and entertainment services:

1. Online services;

2. Productions for local broadcast; and live streaming in support of COVID-19 subject to directions; and

3. Newspapers and broadcasting

H. Financial and business services:

1. Employees should work from home where possible;

2. All financial and business services permitted

I. Accommodation and food service activities:

1. Accommodation permitted

2. Restaurants, including sit-down, take-away and delivery, permitted

J. Transport, storage and communication services:

1. All air travel permitted;

2. All ocean transport permitted;

3. Public rail, minibus taxi and bus services will resume at levels and on terms as will be set out in Directions, based on the progressive increase in commuter numbers during the various phases;

4. E-hailing services subject to restrictions on capacity and times, and for permitted activities only;

5. Transport and logistics in respect of specified cargo, and permitted retail goods to neighbouring countries, which shall include all goods imported via SA ports of entry, for re-export to neighbouring countries;

6. Essential imported goods will be prioritised through ports of entry and for transport and handling to final users. Directions will be issued in respect of other goods

K. Mining and quarrying:

1. All mining at 100% employment

L. Repair and related emergency services:

1. All repair and related emergency services permitted

M. Supply chains:

1. Production, manufacturing, supply, logistics, transport, delivery, critical maintenance and repair in relation to the rendering of permitted services including components and equipment;

2. All workplaces or premises must have care and maintenance that is essential to the prevention of the destruction or significant impairment of working areas, plant, machinery or inventory, or to permit orderly wind down arrangements, on such conditions as may be issued by means of directions by the relevant cabinet members

N. Private households employment:

1. All private household employment permitted

O. Public administration, government services and other arms of the state:

1. All public administration and government services permitted

P. Health, social and personal services:

1. Medical and veterinary services permitted;

2. Cleaning, sanitation, pest control, sewerage, waste and refuse removal services;

3. Recycling of glass, paper & metal inc. informal recyclers permitted at full capacity;

4. Laundry and dry-cleaning services permitted;

5. Other personal services like hair salons, spas and beauticians permitted, subject to directions;

6. All Social work, counselling, care and relief activities permitted;

7. Wildlife Management, Antipoaching, Animal Care and Veterinary services;

8. Funeral and cremation services, including mortuaries services and the transportation of mortal remains;

9. Trade union essential staff for workers covered by Level One, subject to Directions

10. Other recreational, cultural and sporting activities and facilities, re-opening subject to directions

Q. Education services:

1. Permitted on dates and schedule set out separately

R. Personal movement:

1. No limitation on personal movement but persons are encouraged to limit movement to essential travel

2. Mandatory use of cloth masks (including home-made ones to cover nose and mask) and ensure hand hygiene when in public and at workplace.

3. Elderly and persons with co-morbidities are encouraged to take additional precautions when leaving home.

4. Social distancing (2m away from other persons) to be applied in public when shopping, visiting health facilities (pharmacies, clinics etc),

5. Walking, jogging and cycling permitted

6. Social distancing when using public and private transport, as per transport guidelines

7. All public gatherings are prohibited