Provincial Department of Social Development - Main Social Relief

0800 220 250 (freecall)

0860 142 142 (sharecall)

Please Call Me to 079 769 1207 between 7am and 4pm

service@westerncape.gov.za between 07:00-19:00 with names, address and contact number of people needing assistance

If no response please compile a list and email to admin@hbnw.co.za and we will send to the Department of Social Development directly.

Organisations providing feeding schemes to IY & Hangberg and other communities

People to get hold of who are doing feeding

Imizamo Yethu:

  • Tjarla Norton (Community Cook up) – 082 427 3167


  • Zulfa October – 062 291 4713
  • Wendy Amon – 084 218 8633
  • Liezl Matthews (Little Angels Educare) - 078 323 4750
  • Nazley Sadan 081 367 7060

They are recognised recipients and either make the food themselves from fresh donations or make sure that those who do not have food, receive dry goods donations.

Virtual Vouchers

Anyone wanting to give to a specific family or employee or friend. This is a great way to go. It is the safest and also affords the recipient to buy what THEY need.

*The refugee community are not getting a lot of assistance. The head of Unifam, the refugee organisation is Patrick Matenga 073 190 7921. They are genuine and Community Cohesion will vouch for them. If anyone wants to send virtual vouchers to him, he will make sure that whatever is purchased is shared amongst the rest of the Refugee community.

For locals who would like to assist, please leave what you can in the trolleys outside Pick n Pay, SPAR and OK MiniMark. Donations are collected at the stores each day by those doing feeding.

Another option is to buy boxes of food from Home Heroes/HBUFC/Yebo Fresh and have these delivered to your employees or to other needy people in any community.

What is the role of the Provincial Government?

The Western Cape Government (WCG) is responsible for coordinating the disaster risk response across the entire province. They also partner with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and faith-based organisations to ensure that disaster relief can be spread across those in need.

Department of Social Development 0800 220 250

General queries 0860 142 142

What is the role of Local/City Government?

The City of Cape Town will continue to provide basic municipal services, such as waste collection, electricity and water services, and supports the disaster risk response, led by the Provincial Government

The City of Cape Town does not provide permits or letters for those involved in essential services. Such document permitting travel of those involved in essential services must be obtained from your employer. This also extends to NGOS who might be providing essential services. Registered NGOS need to provide permission letters to their staff to execute their duties.

For enquiries please contact Charlotte Powell - Charlotte.Powell@capetown.gov.za

What is the role of the RED CROSS?

The Western Cape Government has partnered with the Red Cross to co-ordinate the work of the NGOS and to channel food, supplies and funding to those non-governmental organisations who are working directly with our communities to provide them with food security and shelter.

For enquiries please contact Fernel Campher: fcampher@redcross.org.za


Cash donations can be made to the national Solidarity Response Fund

In order to make a donation to this national fund, a donation form needs to be completed, which can be found here:


The details for the fund are as follows:

Bank: Standard Bank

Branch Name: Sandton City

Account Name: Solidarity Fund

Account No: 023070021

Account Type: Current account

Branch Code: 051001


*For all EFT payments, please include your Identity / Company Registration / Trust number, as applicable, to facilitate your Section 18A tax certificate preparation.

For more information on the fund, please visit: https://www.solidarityfund.co.za/

0860 001 001



The Department of Social Development has been tasked to coordinate donations. Organisations or individuals can email covid19donate@westerncape.gov.za.

Services such as technology solutions, bulk and non- bulk transport, free access to communication platforms, storage for donated goods, food parcel packing locations, new cardboard boxes for food parcels, petrol/diesel, construction of temporary shelters, catering services at shelters and bulk non-perishable food will be gratefully received by the provincial government.

Sizeable Food donations must be made to the Provincial Government so that transportation, storage and dissemination can be co-ordinated effectively Contact person is Abdul.Ryklief@westerncape.gov.za

Local Government

Contributions can be made to the Mayor’s Special Fund


Red Cross

They are funded to provide assistance to existing feeding schemes for enquiries please contact Fernel Campher: fcampher@redcross.org.za

Please note that the Red Cross has requested all retailers to put out a collection trolley in every store so that members of public can donate food items that they purchase in that store. The Red Cross will then arrange for collection and distribution of those goods to the needy. For more information visit http://redcross.org.za

Indigent Relief

For information on how to apply for indigent relief please send an email to indigent.relief@capetown.gov.za or visit www.capetown.gov.za/indigentbenefits.

What food items should I donate?

Food items

  • Bread Flour / Cake Flour
  • Veggies (Carrots, potatoes, onions)
  • Cooking Oil
  • Corned Beef
  • Instant Coffee
  • Longlife Milk
  • Macaroni, spaghetti, pasta
  • Maize Meal
  • Mix Fruit Jam
  • Oats
  • Peanut Butter
  • Pilchards in Tomato
  • Rice
  • Salt
  • Samp
  • Soup Powder
  • Sugar
  • Sugar Beans
  • Tea
  • Tinned Goods (Beans, Corn, Veggies)

Non-food items

  • Soap
  • Jik
  • Toilet Paper
  • Toothpaste

I wish to set up a feeding Schemes or soup kitchen- how can I do this?

Only registered organisations with a certificate of acceptability will be allowed to provide cooked meals to those in need. The certificate is issued by Dept of Environmental Health. There are many initiatives that are not following procedures – there are strict protocols, and unfortunately, despite best intentions, these are resulting in issues such as using the community to deliver things. We advise people to get hold of any of the above organisations or people.

How can I support a registered organisation?

Support these organisations either in cash or kind

Community orgnisations and non-registered NGOs should partner with registered NGOs to provide relief to those in need.

Advice for feeding schemes and soup kitchens

Organisations that run a feeding scheme or soup kitchen must keep a register of food donations for at least 30 days, must adhere to strict physical distancing rules. Please remember that wearing gloves does not prevent the virus from being transmitted. If you require guidance on food preparation and physical distancing please contact the RED Cross.