Block 1:

Llandudno / Ruyteplaats / Mt Rhodes

Block 1 - Llandudno / Ruyteplaats / Mt Rhodes

Area Leaders

01 Llandudno: Carel de Ridder

02 Ruyteplaats: Sean McLeod

04 Mount Rhodes: Dale Lippstreu

01 Llandudno

Llandudno Neighbourhood Watch Area covers the suburb of Llandudno up to Sandy Bay. This includes the 300 residential properties in the suburb - there is no commercial zoning - and Llandudno Beach.

The Llandudno Security Committee (LSEC) is a sub-committee of the Llandudno Special Rating Area (L-SRA) and consists of 4 members - Carel de Ridder (Chair), Wesley Corbett, Jody Aufrichtig and Margie MacKenzie.

Meetings take place quarterly (or less if not required). Approximately twice a year a joint meeting is held with ADT and the seven Llandudno Watch radio team members and other interested residents.

Llandudno Watchcon Radio Solution

The LSEC committee has implemented a Llandudno Watchcon radio solution which replaced the Llandudno NW shift system in 2008. This previous shift system was not practical as there were too few residents who were able to participate.

A core team of radio holders manages the Llandudno NW. The radios are part of the HBNW radio network and the Llandudno repeater enables a radio link for Watchcon Hout Bay to Camps Bay NW.

Our neighbourhood watch core team comprises 3 - 7 active members (depending on who is not travelling). The Llandudno NW radio team monitors our effective radio network and works closely with the ADT vehicle (ADT4) and Watchcon in Hout Bay. ADT4 provides feedback of all reported Llandudno and Hout Bay security incidents at 19h00 daily and 12h00 on weekends as well. We have a process to mobilise a Llandudno NW response team should there be a security incident in Llandudno that requires a visible and concerted response by Llandudno residents.

Carel de Ridder attends the HBNW EXCO at least twice a year to keep HBNW updated on the status of Llandudno NW initiatives.

A security report is presented at the Llandudno Special Rating Area's AGM, which takes place annually in Nov/Dec.

04 Mount Rhodes

The suburb of Mount Rhodes includes 88 residential properties. There is no commercial zoning. The area stretches from Victoria Drive up to the northern Sol Kerzner Estate fence and Little Lion’s Head, which separates Mount Rhodes and Llandudno.

Mount Rhodes Residents Association

The Mount Rhodes Residents Association was established in 2005 to implement security measures in response to a sharp increase in crime in the area. In 2006 following a successful capital raising amongst residents the Association erected an electrified palisade fence around the area and implemented security monitoring at the road entrance to Mount Rhodes. The MRRA committee oversees maintenance and operation of the fence and related security systems, manages the suppliers of guarding and fence support services and generally manages or co-ordinates security related matters in the area. These activities are funded by annual levies paid by homeowners and monthly payments made to the security service provider (Deep Blue) by residents on an individual basis.

The current committee comprises Dale Lippstreu (Chair), Klaus Hanhardt, Martin Smith, Yvonne Noel, Luisa Belter, Debbie Taylor and Jarryd Scholtz.