Block 5: Hout Bay Heights / Hangberg

Block 5 - Hangberg / Hout Bay Heights

Area Leaders

10 Hout Bay Heights: Andre Machado

11 Hangberg: Christie Strauss

Block 5 is located in the south-westerly region of Hout Bay and can be geographically defined as a number of residential areas and business centres that overlook the Hout Bay Harbour. Most Block 5 residents have some of the best sea views in Hout Bay. Hangberg and Hout Bay Heights are the two neighbourhood watch areas that comprise Block 5.

10 Hout Bay Heights

In 2010 the residents of Hout Bay Heights experienced a marked increase in the number of burglaries in the area. Almost every household was victim to either a break-in or an attempted break-in. Many of these burglaries could be categorised as opportunistic, mainly due to the lack of patrols in the area.

During the 2010 December holidays a handful of individuals decided to revive the Hout Bay Heights neighbourhood watch. Initially, only a few streets in the area were patrolled by these volunteers. A number of well-attended meetings were held and the interest grew. Some 30 households subsequently joined the HBNW and the number is growing. This has led to a substantial reduction in burglaries in the area.

Area Leader for Hout Bay Heights is Andre Machado and his immediate committee comprises Michelle Parmentier and Claudette Meyer. Many new members have been signed up and a formal patrol roster has been compiled, which is gaining support from the entire community.

Since the revival of the neighbourhood watch in The Heights, regular meetings have been held where various incidents and strategies are discussed. At a recent meeting it was decided to implement the following:

The establishment of street committees that will co-ordinate security in each street.

The appointment of street captains.

The procurement of radios for each street.

The hope is that these structures will have the desired effect of encouraging more and more people in the area to join neighbourhood watch and enjoy the benefits of a safer and more secure suburb.

11 Hangberg

Patrolling in the Hangberg commenced some time ago under former Area Leader Pastor Philip Frans. These patrols are on a fairly informal basis and are carried out by a growing number of concerned members of the community, and mainly on foot or on bicycles. In October 2017 Paster Frans retired as Area Leader and the position is then filled by Jacobus Matthews and now Christie Strauss.

The patrollers occasionally extend their area of surveillance to the Harbour and to some of the neighbouring suburbs.

The Hangberg patrollers currently have two neighbourhood watch radios which enables 24/7 communication between them and the Watchcon control centre.

The Cape Town City Council, provides training for patrollers. The successful students are presented with a certificate confirming their attendance at the course.

The Department of Community Safety (DOCS) recently provided the Hangberg neighbourhood watch equipmement including some re-chargeable torches and a number of winter jackets and fluorescent bibs for use by the patrollers.