Block 6 - Kronendal

Block 6 - Baviaanskloof / Tierboskloof / Scott Estate / Berg en Dal / Penzance / Village

Area Leaders

Block Leader: Rob Picard

12 Baviaanskloof: Keith Cronwright

13 Tierboskloof: Charmayne Davel

14 Scott Estate: Rob Picard / Fanie Malan (Deputy)

15 Berg en Dal: Tom Stewart

16 Penzance: Anthony Chemaly

26 Village/Harbour: Allan Dellbridge

The block was named Kronendal after the original farm and the Kronendal primary school right in our midst.

Block 6 is a very active force in the Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch. There is a total membership of around 750, and a fairly large number of those are active patrollers. This makes up roughly a third of the total membership in the Hout Bay Valley. The Village CBD is also very active but does not get involved in patrols. Block 6 has in excess of 114 radios in use in the suburban areas alone.

Geographically, we are a vast block with seven major suburbs. Block 6 comprises Baviaanskloof, Scott Estate, Penzance, Berg-en-Dal, Hanging Meadow (including Military Road) (no longer a separate Block 6 area), Tierboskloof, the Village CBD area (east of the Disa River and south of Princess Road) and includes major shopping centres like Mainstream and Checkers.

The borders are therefore from the top of No.1 Chapman’s Peak, on Chapman’s Peak Drive in the south, to the boundary of Penzance/Imizamo Yethu in the north. The western boundary is formed by the Disa River, whilst the mountainside forms the border in the east.

We benefit enormously by being cocooned by the three private security estates that surround us, as they have state-of-the-art security. In addition, some of the residents of Berg en Dal and Tierboskloof do regular patrols within Block 6, especially in Penzance, as a gesture of neighbourliness.

12 Baviaanskloof / 14 Scott Estate

Scott Estate and Baviaanskloof areas have developed a good inter-relationship, and are extending patrols into each other’s areas and into the Village area. Patrol rosters are coordinated between the areas to make the patrols more effective. The areas are also sharing solutions to security problems. The synergy has benefitted social interaction and leads to integration of security measures. There are a number of gaps between mountainside properties, which allow access into the Block from the mountain. Appropriate sensors have been installed in the gaps, and along the mountainside fences, to alert the relevant households and security service providers of potential intrusions. Scott Estate together with some Baviaanskloof members have embarked on a security project which involves setting up cameras at key points in the area and getting these cameras properly monitored. An amount of R500 000 is required and of that R224 000 has already been spent as at 17 November 2017.

16 Penzance

Penzance Area has contracted a security service provider to do patrols in their sector.

At the monthly HBNW EXCO meetings there is always a strong presence from Block 6, proving the level of interest from Block 6 Area Leaders.

Each Area endeavours to have a presence at the Community Police sub-forum meeting whenever these are scheduled, to keep abreast of crime trends in the block.

Each area has its own social events but usually invites a few key persons from neighbouring areas for cross-pollination.

26 Village/Harbour

Village Area operates in the guise of the 'Crime Prevention CBD Project', and is actively involved in its own specific crime prevention measures. These include an early warning system for retail businesses via SMS through Watchcon, and an e-mail advisory system specific to those enterprises on the business mailing system, via TOBI. In addition, crime awareness workshops are held, which focus on commercial crime issues, as is a 'Visitor Safety Programme’, which focuses on guesthouses and tour operators, centred around TOBI.