Block 8 - Vlakkenberg

Block 8 - Hughendon/Meadows / Oakhurst / Bokkemanskloof / Overkloof / Orangekloof / Disa River

Area Leaders

18 Hughendon/Meadows: Fred Nebe

19 Oakhurst: Michael Steggink

20 Bokkemanskloof: Andy Shoredits

21 Overkloof: Meryl Butt

22 Orangekloof: Andrew Martin / Jarrod Ball (Deputy)

27 Disa River: Rod Panagos

Block 8 comprises parts of the Upper Valley area, which extends from Constantia Nek and includes areas on both side of Main Road to as far as Hughenden/Meadows - more specifically, Orangekloof, Overkloof, Bokkemanskloof/Blue Valley, Disa River, Oakhurst and Hughenden/Meadows.

18 Hughendon/Meadows

The Hughenden/Meadows area borders Imizamo Yethu in the west, and extends eastward, through Meadows, to Oakwood Estate, which borders Oakhurst. The southern border is the notorious Pipe Track while the northern border is made up of the Hout Bay Cemetery, Main Road and the road reserve.

The area contains approximately 120 properties of which about 50% house a neighbourhood watch member.

Committee: Safety and security in the area is managed and strategised by a small committee that meets monthly. Currently, the committee elects one of the committee members as chairperson every three months. The chairperson attends the HBNW EXCO meetings.

Social: A social braai is usually held on the Meadows open space within the first few months of the year.

19 Oakhurst

Oakhurst Estate is the relatively small area between Bokkemanskloof and Meadows. The area contains approximately 26 properties of which many are neighbourhood watch members.

20 Bokkemanskloof

Bokkemanskloof is an eco estate, which is situated above Hout Bay Main Road. Bokkemanskloof includes the Bokkemanskloof Estate and the south side of Blue Valley Avenue, and includes Fynbos Close and all the properties on the eastern side of Blue Valley Ave.

Bokkemanskloof has 112 properties and Blue Valley Avenue has approximately 64 properties. This area consists of residential properties only.

The neighbourhood watch has an active membership.

Security sub-committee: Bokkemanskloof has a security sub-committee, currently comprising of:

Andy Shoredits (Area Leader)

Lisa Procter

Luke Hirst (Trustee in charge of Security)

Derek Shardlow

21 Overkloof

Overkloof borders Hout Bay Main Road on the north side and the Pipe Track on the south side. North Oaks security estate, and Bokkemanskloof estate are our two neighbours. There are two entrances to the area, via Northoaks Ave and Chestnut Drive. This is a relatively small area with approximately 68 properties.

A portion of the neighbourhood contributes towards ADT guards (two guards per shift) who patrol from 6.00pm to 6.00am every day.

There is a guard hut situated at the beginning of Chestnut Drive and on the corner of Blackwood and Cedar Close. Overkloof has teamed up with Bokkemanskloof with regards to NW patrols.

22 Orangekloof

27 Disa River