AGM 2020

May 27 2020


In line with the lockdown regulations at the time HBNW revised their approach to their Annual General Meeting for 2020 and this took place via webinar at the end of May.

W/O Lesch from Hout Bay SAPS gave NW an overview of Hout Bay crime statistics for the previous year, 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020. He thanked NW for their input and their time. On the whole the number of crime incidents in Hout Bay decreased, except for Contact Crimes which increased slightly, mainly as a result of the taxi violence last year. Property-Related Crimes (Burglary, Theft) and Other Serious Crimes showed a significant decrease. Official Crime statistics for the country for 2019/2020 year will be released by the National Police Commissioner in September.

Highlights of the past year were:

The HBNW radio network links all Hout Bay and Llandudno first responders into a single, common, quick response network. HBNW finalised the upgrade commissioned and paid for in the previous financial year to secure the network for all users and responders and expand the reception area to reach weak reception or "no reception" hotspots. In May 2019 all daily radio users from HBNW, CCP, Armed Response Officers, SAPS, Metro Law Enforcement reservists, Fire & Rescue, HB Volunteer Emergency Medical Service, SANPark Rangers responders moved on to the new network. An additional R16 000 was spent to improve the radio signal.

High sites are critical to the communications infrastructure across Hout Bay. There was an urgent requirement to upgrade all NW high sites to sustain long periods of load shedding, involving an investment of R20 000. And UPS batteries were purchased to ensure required data relay. This cost HBNW R6 000.

Watchcon, our 24/7 Hout Bay community control centre, managed by CCP on behalf of HBNW continues to play a key role for residents as a first port of call in an emergency. They coordinate the response for all emergencies. A big thank-you to Fidelity ADT who remains the key Watchcon corporate sponsor.

Some Watchcon statistics for the past year:

  • 10 666 calls/alerts received by Watchcon.

  • 1 678 total incidents logged.

  • Medical incidents up +25% (on previous year)

  • Crime related incidents down – 47% (on previous year)

SA Digital Village completed a fibre link into Watchcon and continues to support HBNW by paying a commission to HBNW for every customer who signs up for fibre through the SADV portal.

HBNW consists of 27 Areas and many of these continue to raise funds to improve capacity and expand their specific area crime prevention systems which are unique to their area. Some of these areas have now become SRAs (Special Rating Areas) also known as CIDs (Civic Improvement Districts), namely Penzance, Llandudno, Mt Rhodes, Overkloof, Oakwood/ Meadows/Hughenden and Scott Estate/Baviaanskloof. These areas use this fixed monthly income to improve their areas in a variety of ways over and above additional security measures.

Wet weather gear, branded vests, torches, fire extinguishers were distributed to HBNW members in IY and Hangberg. An appeal to members to assist financially in order to supplement the basic equipment received from DOCS resulted in donations of around R12 000 which was supplemented by a R5000 donation from our local Hout Bay CPF

A "Safe Zone" is being established in Hangberg for patrollers. HBNW was able to secure the outside structure, thanks to a generous donation from a long standing member. In addition all the windows were replaced and the building was cleaned and rubble was removed.

Four Tourism Monitors from our local IY and Hangberg communities were deployed on contract from 1 October 2019. They were managed by HBNW but funded by the Department of Tourism and the Tourism & Business Institute of Southern Africa. They provided additional “eyes and ears” in key tourist areas across Hout Bay.

The annual Beach Safety Project for 2019/2020 was once again a great success, with two months of beach patrols completed by volunteers and our newly appointed tourism monitors. Deep Blue provided a collection point for radios, equipment and sign-in. A new award named in memory of Ollie Atkins, who was one of HBNW's stalwart beach patrollers in the past and who passed away last year, was awarded to the top beach patroller of the season, Mark Cowell.

Several patrollers assisted and supported the Llandudno WP nippers Championships held on hout Bay beach earlier this year.

In addition HBNW hosted a Personal Safety Workshop (delivered by ACT Personal Safety) for 60+ participants, a Community Event which brought together many of Hout Bay's Heroes, our dedicated safety and security partners, who shared information about their offerings and a fundraising raffle which brought in much needed funds which assisted HBNW in these many security initiatives. HBNW thanks the many generous Hout Bay businesses who provided the wonderful prizes for this raffle.

Ongoing partnering and collaboration projects include:

  • Submitting projects for Ward Allocation funding for 20/21 - A. PTZ Camera at SAPS circle has been approved

  • Engaging with StatsSA on support for Census 2021

  • Engaging with Social Development regarding children in harbour

  • Continuing to push for the establishment of a Law Enforcement site in Hout Bay – On-going updates from JP Smith's office.

Congratulations to JJ de Villiers who was voted by HBNW members as this year's winner of the annual Bruce Taylor Award. This year we called for nominations and then asked NW members to vote for one of the 10 nominees we received. The award is a small token of appreciation for all the work that JJ tirelessly does, both day and night, to keep our community safe.

Liezl Schulte was re-elected as HBNW Chair for the following year. Donations to HBNW for one or more of their ongoing projects, including supporting Watchcon, can be made here.

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