Fidelity ADT Makes Arrest

November 22, 2018

Police have taken a suspect into custody on a charge that he allegedly robbed a foreign tourist in the Cape Town region.

According to Fidelity ADT, one of their armed response officers was doing an inspection when he heard a commotion close to a Engen filling station.

“He saw two suspects run at speed down the road with a car guard in pursuit. Our officer joined the chase and managed to apprehend one of the suspects with the assistance of the car guard,” explains Mr Jade Hanning, district manager (Cape Town South) at Fidelity ADT.

It was later established that the suspect and his alleged accomplice had earlier robbed a tourist of cash at knife point. The knife used in committing the alleged robbery was found on the suspect, and he was handed over into police custody.

Hanning says the Tourism Safety Task Group has drawn up valuable safety tips for tourists, which he recommends following:

At a hotel:

  • Never leave your luggage unattended

  • Store valuables in the hotel’s safety deposit box

  • Keep your room locked, whether you’re in it or not

  • If someone knocks, check who it is before opening the door

  • Leave your keys at the reception desk when leaving the hotel

In the street:

  • Avoid ostentatious displays of expensive jewellery, cameras and other valuables

  • It’s definitely not advisable to carry large sums of money around

  • At night, steer clear of dark, isolated areas

  • It’s better to explore in groups and to stick to well-lit, busy streets

  • Plan your route beforehand

  • A policeman or traffic officer will be glad to direct you if you get lost

  • If you want to call a taxi, your hotel or the nearest tourism information office can recommend a reliable service

In a car:

  • Plan your route in advance

  • Keep the car doors locked at all times and wind the windows up

  • Lock valuable items in the boot (trunk)

  • At night, park in well-lit areas

  • Never pick up strangers

  • If in doubt about the safety of an area, phone a police station for advice

Should you have any security related concerns or queries, please contact me on

Yours in safety,

Fidelity ADT Western Cape

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