Hangberg 'Safe Zone'

2018 Hangberg 'Safe Zone'

August 11, 2018

Thanks for joining the meeting on Wednesday evening to discuss the HBNW Satellite office in Hangberg. We all agree that this is a fantastic opportunity for the community and there are a number of exciting things we can do from this base to ensure that this adds huge value to the community and at the same time becomes a self-sustaining entity. A number of these options were discussed on Wednesday but we all agreed that for now the priority is to get the satellite office up and running.

Immediate Services to manage from office:

  • Location from which HBNW patrols begin (base station), briefing station and provide a place for community members to feel safe to visit.

  • Cleaning services in and around office to ensure clean / pleasant environment for people from the community to want to come.

  • Complaints / Comments box allowing the community to come to office to share requests which can be submitted via Link or to E-Services centrally.

Security and Equipment Requirements:

Priority 1:

  • Door

  • Metal security gate for front door and metal grate for one of the windows (where it is missing) - should be open / grates so that it can be left open for ventilation. Windows are all fixed and cannot be opened.

  • Replace glass of one window where it fell out.

  • Electricity connection.

Priority 2:

  • Paint to paint walls inside and possibly outside (need to check whether it will be allowed to paint outside)

  • Sign describing office to community.

  • Cleaning material, brooms and bags to clean up inside and outside

  • Bench where people can rest

  • Table and chairs

  • Whiteboard / Chalkboard for inside

  • Schedule of patrollers for the monitoring of the office

  • Urn for coffee and tea

  • Bins outside the area and at the taxi rank so that people can use for litter -> HS to submit request via E-Services

Priority 3:

  • Additional lighting outside the office

  • CCTV cameras to monitor in the area

Funding and Fund Raising:

  • Sell Boerewors rolls and drinks at the community centre

  • Games evening which can be organised at community hall

  • We could put out a request for above items to our HBNW members via email and social media.

Looking forward to making this a great project for HBNW and the community.

Sell Boerewors rolls and drinks at the community centre

What a fun day yesterday and Jerome thanks for organising the whole team. At 7:30 the whole area was cleaned up and everything put into packets, braai was transported by Vincent from SAPS (thanks to Heather for organizing) and then we braaied and sold till 5:30. Jerome and team distributed pamphlets, shared info about the plans for the office and make some great contacts in the community.

Additional maintenance for the list:

  • School children have thrown stones at 5 of the windows which are currently unprotected. These are now cracked and will need to be replaced. Christy and Smitty know who they are and have spoken to the parents to pay for the costs otherwise a case will be opened. They will follow up on this but this maintenance will need to be planned before the grate goes up.

Next up the games evening.