Patroller Training

2018 Patroller Training

June 30 & July 1, 2018

The Department of Community Safety is currently in the process of planning the Basic Neighbourhood Watch training for the new financial year (2018/19 – 1 April 2018 – 31 March 2019). We would like to extend an invitation to all accredited Neighbourhood Watch Structures who are interested to submit their application.

There are fifty (50) training slots available and will be allocated on a First Come First Serve basis. Please note that the duration for the training is two (2) days and takes place over weekends. Kindly note that all accredited Neighbourhood Watch Structures are required to first complete the Basic Neighbourhood Watch Training before they will be considered for additional training. The following information is required in order for us to arrange the training:

  1. Training will only be scheduled on receipt of completed training application form (Annexure C);

  2. The Neighbourhood Watch Structure must indicate the correct number of members to attend – training is for Neighbourhood Watch members only;

  3. Thirty (30) members per training session, should you have less than the required amount, you should try and team up with a neighbouring accredited structure in order to make up the 30;

  4. A list of the attendees together with copies of their ID documents must accompany the application form;

  5. Neighbourhood Watch Structures must identify a suitable venue within their community at no charge (usually the local councilor can assist);

  6. The Department of Community Safety will arrange the catering, training service provider and training material;

  7. Should your training be confirmed and you are unable to make it, you must inform the Department at least 14 days prior to the commencement of the training in order for us to make alternate arrangements and to avoid fruitless expenditure that will result in the Department of Community Safety recovering the costs from the applicant.

  8. Failure to inform us will lead to your Structure being penalized and you will forfeit all training for the rest of the financial year, and

  9. All participants must sign the attendance register and must attend both days in order to qualify for a training certificate.

All accredited Neighbourhood Watch Structures who have already completed their Basic Neighbourhood Watch training and who are interested in attending First Aid and Fire Fighting training must please indicate so and complete the training application form. It should be noted that preference will be given to those Neighbourhood Watch Structures who have already completed their Basic training.

Clayton Okkers

Neighbourhood Watch Project - Security Risk Management

Department of Community Safety