SAPS Ministerial IMBIZO

2018 Imbizo

May 25, 2018

A Ministerial Imbizo was held at Blode Street, Lavender Hill on 25 May. It started at 2pm. Special thanks to W/O Tanya Lesch for arranging transportation by bus for interested persons to the Imbizo. 7 patrollers from Imizamo Yethu attended. Heather Saunders, HBNW Admin Manager, and Rod Panagos, HBNW Operations Manager, also attended.

It was a very positive day with speeches and feedback delivered by the National Police Commissioner Khehla Sitole and Lieutenant General Jula. Bheki Cele was not in attendance. Communities had an opportunity to voice their concerns, especially regarding the gang related crime in the Cape Flats and the condition of SAPS stations in the Western Cape.

It was mentioned that Sitole wrote a doctorate for the UN in 2008 that has been implemented world-wide and the aim is to do the same at home in South Africa.

As a result of this interaction with IY patrollers several have now agreed to have their prints taken in an effort to work with SAPS. 9 patrollers had their prints taken on Saturday, 26 May at SAPS. Captain Lourens facilitated this. Anthony Chemaly, current CPF Chair was also in attendance.

Key points discussed at the Imbizo:

  • Tackle interpersonal violence

  • Improve safety at SAPS

  • Evacuate the gangs in known drug houses through the "eviction Bylaw"

  • Reduce Taxi violence

  • Report high up criminals i.e. corrupt officials

  • Empower station commanders / Public Service Commission

  • Audit police vans

  • Find alternatives to gangsterism i.e. arts & culture, soccer, netball, writing

  • Respect your CPF

  • Take trained police officers that are sitting at stations and put them on the street

  • Police to 'up their game'

  • Identify police officials who are in cahoots with gangs

  • Take corrupt police out of SAPS

  • Stop the flow of guns

  • Have anti-gangsterism programs in schools

  • Communities need to work with the police. i.e. build trust

  • Get Justice Department involved

  • Respect mothers who have lost their children due to crime

  • Look at the detective service

  • Demand new cluster commanders and place them permanently

  • MEC needs to visit SAPS stations

  • No fires to be burnt at street corners as this is a signal for crime

In particular reference to Hout Bay as quoted from an IY patroller to the panel:

'Police have guns in the station to protect themselves but patrollers are out risking their lives.'

'A child in Sport is a child not in Court'.

Pics and reports by Heather Saunders. HBNW admin Manager.