Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch (HBNW) is a community based volunteer neighbourhood security organisation. Our success is attributed to the many dedicated volunteers who have given their time, energy and resources over the years.

Watchcon is a community asset owned by HBNW who have commissioned CCP to manage it on behalf of HBNW.

We attract corporate sponsors to fund Watchcon - Fidelity ADT being one of our key sponsors. With this funding HBNW has partnered with CCP to run the day to day operations of Watchcon.

We recognise that Fidelity ADT and all other donors and sponsors are essential to the well-being of HBNW and Watchcon and we are grateful for the input of all concerned.

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060 345 3514


Who We Are...

Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch has been nationally recognised as an amazing success story, where the community has come together to actively combat crime in one of the most beautiful coastal areas of the Western Cape.

Hout Bay started experiencing an escalating rate of crime from 2000 onwards. In 2003 the crime rate increased dramatically across all categories. Property related crime (i.e. housebreaking and theft out of vehicles) was skyrocketing.

The Hout Bay Police worked extremely hard to try and hold back the ever-increasing crime wave but with their limited resources, they struggled to control the situation. Reported crime statistics just kept on rising.

So the Hout Bay community took up the challenge. A meeting was convened and many hundreds of concerned residents effectively spoke with one voice - “enough is enough!”

From small beginnings, and with very little experience in how to develop and sustain an organisation directly associated with safety and security issues, our HBNW has flourished, with the support of some 3000 plus signed-up members and the backing of hundreds of active members - administrators, responders and patrollers. Read more>




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