How can I help ?

There are lots of ways to assist – with your time, your expertise, your knowledge, your donations.

Volunteer - there are many ways to get involved

Offer your assistance with secretarial/admin duties, fund raising, marketing, patrol rosters, technical expertise, your 4x4 or any other area where you feel you could be of help - email

Volunteer for patrol duties - night or daytime - whenever you are available. Contact your Area Leader or email

Volunteer for community projects such as the First Responders, Drugs Action Campaign, the Domestic Violence Group and Victim Support who are all in need of volunteers and equipment.

Other groups you can join are the Hout Bay Community Police Forum (CPF), Emergency Medical Services (HBVEMS), National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) and Wilderness Search and Rescue (WSAR). Many organisations are manned by dedicated volunteers who make a huge contribution to our local community, and many of them are neighbourhood watch members.

Contribute financially

Contribute financially - Find out more. Or download a Watchcon Debit Order Form or a HBNW Debit Order Form

Join the Radio Network or download Link to stay informed

Get a HBNW radio, with instant contact with Watchcon, Hout Bay’s own 24-hour emergency control centre. A radio will also make you aware of what’s happening, and where - in case you can help. Click here to find out more. Or load Link our new communication tool on your mobile phone. By loading the Link app onto your mobile phone from the Android Play Store or iPhone App Store participants will be able to receive and contribute information relating to security issues. Find out more >>

Be aware, be vigilant

Programme Watchcon’s number (021 790 9333 and WhatsApp on 060 345 3514) into your cell phone and alert WATCHCON if you are suspicious of anything or anyone who seems to be out of place.

When you drive around the valley, to the shops/beach/schools, be "on patrol". Keep your eyes open and be aware and vigilant.

Report Crimes

Be prepared to lay a charge at the Police Station when suspects are arrested. Often people can’t be bothered and the suspects are released, making the arrests totally pointless.

Report serious crimes to 10111 as well as to Watchcon. SAPS record all calls to 10111 and have to respond immediately. It also serves to place Hout Bay’s crime figures on record, which in turn assists our local SAPS in obtaining more staff and equipment.

Keep your property and pavement clear

Keep your pavements and any adjacent open spaces clear of overgrown bushes and trees etc. These can act as a refuge for criminals and where they can hide their ill-gotten gains.

Be supportive, be nice!

Be nice to volunteers who man roadblocks. They are not out there to spoil your day or make you late for appointments; they are possibly saving your life!

To sum up

Everyone has a contribution to make towards the safety and security of their area, regardless of whether they are members of NW or not. If someone leaves property ‘on show’ or their car or mountain bike unlocked, then this simply attracts a thief who will take what is available and may also possibly target their neighbours.

Vigilance, being neighbourly, and taking sensible precautions over your property is something we must all take responsibility for. No matter how seemingly small or insignificant it may appear, we can all ‘do our bit’ to help keep the community safe. Simply by being alert to the possibility of criminal activity and not burying your head in the sand can make all the difference in preventing a crime and from preventing someone else becoming a victim.

Be responsible... be aware... be safe... be involved!!