Mount Rhodes

The suburb of Mount Rhodes includes 88 residential properties. There is no commercial zoning. The area stretches from Victoria Drive up to the northern Sol Kerzner Estate fence and Little Lion’s Head, which separates Mount Rhodes and Llandudno.

Mount Rhodes Residents Association

The Mount Rhodes Residents Association was established in 2005 to implement security measures in response to a sharp increase in crime in the area. In 2006 following a successful capital raising amongst residents the Association erected an electrified palisade fence around the area and implemented security monitoring at the road entrance to Mount Rhodes. The MRRA committee oversees maintenance and operation of the fence and related security systems, manages the suppliers of guarding and fence support services and generally manages or co-ordinates security related matters in the area. These activities are funded by annual levies paid by homeowners and monthly payments made to the security service provider (Deep Blue) by residents on an individual basis.