How Everyone Benefits

Benefits of HBNW membership

There are many benefits in becoming a member of the Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch. Among them are:

  • Being aware of safety and security issues and trends
  • Knowing what is going on around you
  • Access the HBNW Security Channel in Link
  • Getting to know your neighbours and others in Hout Bay
  • Feeling connected to your area and your immediate community
  • Being proactive about your own security and that of others
  • Doing something positive for the community in which you live
  • Having access to a range of 24-hour emergency services via Watchcon on 021 790 9333 or WhatsApp on 060 345 3514 (also available to non-members)
  • Having two-way communication access to the Watchcon radio network, if you purchase your own radio, thereby adding to your security
  • Knowing that those you keep a look out for are also looking out for you, your family and your property
  • Participating in social functions, i.e. neighbourhood braais, Daylighter coffee get-togethers,
  • Receiving regular security hints and tips and general information
  • Everyone counts
  • There really aren't any excuses - we need everyone!
  • See how the arguments below overcome some excuses. No matter who you are or what you do, you can surely act as the "eyes and ears" of our community to make it a safe place to live. Think about it.

Common Concerns

I can’t help!

Of course you can help! Our members are of every age group, income bracket, race and gender. Anybody 18 years and older can join Neighbourhood Watch.

It's far too dangerous.

We act as “eyes and ears” only for the police. As a neighbourhood watch member you are not expected to intervene in any dangerous situations.

I don’t have the time!

You can volunteer to do patrols day or night, weekdays or weekends. A lot of our members run their own businesses, consultancies and guesthouses and still take the time to look after YOUR house! Patrol times are flexible and you can choose when it suits you. Give something back to your community.

I don’t want my husband patrolling at night and leaving me alone!

Why don’t you patrol with your husband as a team? Or patrol with a friend while your spouse takes care of the kids, and then swap out on the next duty and let him or her patrol with a friend. And you’re not alone - Watchcon is only a call away.

I’m too old!

You’re never too old! Many of our members are pensioners, even in their 80s and 90s, and some are extremely active in both patrolling and administrative roles.

I don’t need the Neighbourhood Watch as I live in a secure estate

Neighbourhood Watch helps to maintain the status of your area by discouraging crime in other parts of the valley. Living in a secure estate is no guarantee that you won’t be a victim of crime. It’s not only about your walled complex - Neighbourhood Watch is about the neighbouring areas too!

I've been living here for twenty years and never had a problem...

You’re very lucky, but that’s no guarantee that it will always be like that. As time progresses your odds are reducing at a fast pace. Perpetrators of home attacks and burglaries have become more brazen.

Crime is down at the moment - so why join the Watch now?

Crime isn’t “down” - sometimes it merely moves to adjacent suburbs that are considered easier targets. We’re being watched, and when things lighten up, crime will move back into Hout Bay due to our complacency.

I don’t know how to shoot a gun...

Most of us don’t either - you’re not expected to “provide protection”, we merely need your eyes and your ears.

I pay my taxes... the police are supposed to protect me

Yes... and they do. But they’re also struggling with reduced budgets, insufficient manpower and inadequate equipment, so they sometimes find it difficult to be everywhere at once.

I do enough for the community already

A number of our members serve with community service-based organisations and institutions. Being involved takes up little of your time and you can choose when to spend that time. Neighbourhood Watch is not just about protecting the community but also yourself and your loved ones.

I’m out of town a lot...

While you’re away your neighbours look after your property. So any help you can give us while you’re here is much appreciated.

I don’t like social clubs

The Neighbourhood Watch isn’t a social club – but you get to know your neighbours and you can decide just how much socialising you want to do. You can choose your own level of involvement.

Be involved….. show you care….. do your bit….. make a difference