New in Hout Bay ?

New in Hout Bay?

Welcome to Hout Bay! It is one of the most beautiful places to live in South Africa, if not the world!

Like anywhere else, we face our problems. When our crime levels started spiralling to new heights in 2005, local residents got together and decided to take control of the situation. This was the beginning of the Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch which became a model for Neighbourhood Watches everywhere.

Not only has it brought the crime down significantly, it has also had added benefits in neighbours getting to know each other and looking out for each other. In many areas it has brought back the old ‘village’ feeling.

If you have recently moved to Hout Bay, joining HBNW will be of even more benefit to you, as you will get to know your neighbours and other residents in your area who can help you find your way around. It’s all about neighbourliness and community spirit – something that Hout Bay is famous for.

Contact our Admin Manager on to find out more about joining the Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch or click here to become HBNW Member.