Block 4

Block 4 - Greater Northshore, extends from Harbour Road in the south, alongside the famous Mariner’s Wharf complex, to Bisschop Road further north – just off the equally famous Suikerbossie Hill. Its easterly boundary is Victoria Avenue, with the slopes of the Karbonkelberg forming its western perimeter.

The suburbs of Northshore, Kronenzicht and Helgarda/Klein Leeukop contain approximately 750 properties, making it one of the more densely populated parts of the valley. The mix includes residential homes - a fair number of which are located in walled estates - the CBD and shopping precinct along Victoria Avenue and numerous apartment blocks.


Our neighbourhood watch membership is around 530, of which about 80 are active night patrollers. Many of these patrollers have their own two-way radios, which not only link them to Watchcon during patrol duties but also are an additional means of personal security for themselves and their families. Monthly rosters are compiled to keep those active members well informed of their patrolling duties. There are also a few Street Watch groups operating and these are to keep residents aware of problems in their immediate neighbourhood. There are numerous active WhatsApp groups in certain areas of Block 4 and these alert residents of suspicious activity, advise reported incidents or post "be vigilant" warnings.

Steering Committee

Block 4’s steering committee comprises 5 members: Gary Greenstone, Louise Read, Julie Banham, Mark Cowell and Mark Palmer-Owen. Mark Cowell prepares the night rosters and Mark Palmer-Owen is the treasurer.

General Information

Committee meetings are held on an ad hoc basis.

Members receive news updates and alerts on e-mail, or via the aforementioned WhatsApp groups. The “B4 Observer” newsletter is published from time to time.

CCTV cameras and Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras have been installed in various hotspots around Block 4 (Greater Northshore) and the need for additional cameras is always under review.

Solar and electric lighting units have also been placed at strategic spots around Block 4 in order to light up some of the darker footpaths and intersections for added security. These lights are partially sponsored by local businesses.

Funds raised for all projects are via generous donations from our members and from occasionally-held social events.