Community Policing Forum (CPF)

The Community Policing Forum (CPF) is a community-based body, which gives members of the public and SAPS an opportunity to work together and discuss safety and security matters of mutual concern in their area.

Established by an Act of Parliament

Community Policing Forums were established by an act of Parliament and therefore are recognised as having a strong standing in all communities. The establishment of CPFs was provided for in section 221(2) of the Constitution and section 19(1) of the South African Police Services (SAPS) Act 68 of 1995.


The objectives of CPFs are clearly stated in section 18(1) of the SAPS Act.

The official line also states:

CPFs together with the police should establish and maintain a partnership with the community, promote communication between the police and the community, promote cooperation and ensure that the police fulfill the needs of the community in respect of policing, improve the service of the police to the community, improve transparency and accountability of the SAPS and promote joint problem identification and problem solving.

A forum we should utilise more...

Most towns, where there is a police station, have much to gain from having an effective and well-supported CPF, and the residents of Hout Bay have been fortunate to have such a forum for many years. Sadly, the forum is not always utilised as much as it should be and we are appealing to our members and the residents of Hout Bay to attend the meetings and bring their concerns, suggestions and relevant topics of interest to the table.

Come along and debate the issues

It’s important to remember that a CPF meeting is a multifaceted forum, where grievances can be aired, debate on relevant issues can take place and good news stories can be shared with others who care about security issues that affect each and every area of Hout Bay.

If there is something you would like placed on the agenda, please contact the CPF Chairman Anthony Chemaly on and he will try to include it at the next meeting, or another thereafter. Alternatively, there is always a Q&A segment at the meetings and you are encouraged to participate in this.

Various law enforcement agencies, environmental bodies and community organisations usually attend the meetings and are happy to respond to any relevant questions. Guest speakers are occasionally invited to give presentations.

Use the correct channels for quicker results

It’s all about communicating through the correct channels and this is what the CPF aims to promote. Writing letters in the press or grumbling about issues or concerns on social media or amongst friends and neighbours does not always ensure an effective end result. Try the CPF first.

CPF Chairperson

Anthony Chemaly

083 255 7749