Tarragona is situated off Valley Road just before the Disa River Bridge. It has one entrance and exit road – Garron Avenue – and only 3 other roads within the area. The main boundaries are Kenrock Estate, Longkloof and the mountain slopes of Suikerbossie.

Although it is not a private estate, Tarragona is fortunate to have a boomed entrance. This boom is manned and monitored 24 hours a day by ADT security guards. These guards are also linked into the Watchcon system via their own neighbourhood watch radio.

The area of Tarragona comprises approximately 36 properties, each property being a minimum of two acres in size. Of these 36 properties, approximately 16 belong to neighbourhood watch members. The majority of these members own radios and are always available to their neighbours when assistance is needed.

Tarragona residents meet about 3 times a year to discuss the various security issues within the area.