Crime Reports

Incidents Reported to Watchcon

For many years HBNW has tracked the number of crime related incidents logged to Watchcon. These include reports of suspicious activity, where people or vehicles are reported to be acting suspiciously in an area, as well as the more serious crimes such as trespassing, muggings, house break-ins, house robberies, stolen vehicles and theft out of vehicles.

While we cannot claim these incidents are a complete reflection of crime across all of Hout Bay, as many incidents do not get reported to Watchcon, they do give an indication of varying crime levels over the years. It is also true that over recent times more and more suspicious incidents are reported to Watchcon, because of ease of use of modern communication tools, such as WhatsApp. This might give a slightly exaggerated view of rising crime levels and so it is best to check the crime graphs on the monthly crime pages below, as these reflect a more accurate picture of crime trends across Hout Bay.

So click on the year below and check the graphs and maps for past months, to see the number of criminal incidents in various areas of Hout Bay, as reported to Watchcon,.

*Includes all incidents of a criminal nature as reported to Watchcon,

including trespassing and suspicious activity for both people and vehicles.

Latest crime statistics as published by SAPS

Annual Statistics for Hout Bay precinct :