Recycling Project

Hout Bay Recycling depends on selling things that are dropped by the community, and also by selling sorted recyclables to the companies.

Contact Nokwanda

073 270 6375

"Good morning people, my name is Nokwanda and I am running a recycling co-op in IY at the back of Hout Bay Police station in a City Council drop off facility, since 2008.

I would like to ask your support from everyone who doesn't know what we do at the recycling place, to know that we urgently need your support by bringing more recyclables to the recycling depot.

We've been closed for lockdown and came back only last month, then the businesses that we used to service to get more recyclables are still closed and those that are opened are not making a lot.

That is why I come to ask you, please support Hout Bay Recycling in order for us to survive. We are parents, wives and husbands who are trying to make the ends meet, trying to feed our families, educate our children, pay rent where we stay.

Maybe some of you doesn't understand what we do, we sort recycling that is brought by residents individually or businesses. We collect from places by calls. If we collect your garage waste we charge. If we collect recyclables only, we do that for free in days like Mondays and Fridays.

NB The stuff that you don't need at your garage can be useful to us. Your unwanted second hand clothes as well, your building materials. Your furniture, your appliances your electronic waste, your scrap metals whatever.

To those that comes almost weekly to the depot, dropping their stuff. Those who acknowledge us, who even interested to ask how we are doing, who appreciates our work, those who compliments us, those who started with us in 2008, those who even visits us and admires us, let me say a very BIG THANK to you guys. Without you and your good hearts we wouldn't be counting 12 years of our service today. Keep it up by supporting us and God will bless you!!"

Tips for living 'green':

  • Recycle everything you can, using Wastemart's free and convenient weekly service.

  • Buy local. Local is lekker because it saves on transport costs, and also supports local businesses.

  • Switch to a solar geyser and a solar power system.

  • Compost your kitchen and garden waste as home - your garden will thank you!

  • Trying using your homemade compost to grow a few veggies. Home-grown means less transport and chemicals, plus home-grown veggies are packed with vitamins because you can pick just before you eat.

  • Eat less beaf and dairy. Go meat and diary free for one (more) meal - great fro a healthy heart and your wallet.

  • If you drive a car, plan your trips and lift share to reduce how much fuel you use.

  • Choose earth friendly cleaning products for the house - try using vinegar, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda instead of harsh chemicals.

  • Save water - flush less, time your showers, and save an re-use grey water to flush toilets and water plants. This saves water and money, can can give you a bit of a work out too.

  • Plant a tree in your garden or in the neighbourhood, or grow trees as houseplants if you live in an apartment. Trees and plants take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, and make our living spaces more beautiful.

Remember that any used face masks and gloves go into your black bag as general non-recyclable waste.

Get into the habit of recycling and encourage our neighbours to do the same by setting a good example.