Beach Estate

Beach Estate is arguably one of the smallest blocks in the HBNW structure, but also the one that carries much of the vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Its eastern and western boundaries are Main Road and Victoria Avenue respectively, with Princess Street in the south and Victoria Road, from the traffic lights to the IY circle, in the north. Beach Estate includes, and borders, some of the main business areas in Hout Bay. The major entry and exit points to this area are via Victoria, Empire and Main.

The suburb has various apartment blocks and also a number of walled estates including Sea Glades, the Kronenzicht Retirement Village, Princess Beach, The Spinney and others. Beach Estate also has one of the largest green belt areas in Hout Bay - the Disa River Trail and the acres of green space around it. This brings its own challenges in terms of patrolling and trying to limit criminal activity.

Our neighbourhood watch membership is around 280, although there are very few regular patrollers. Due to the nature of the area, Daylighters should play an important role in Beach Estate. Regular, However, daytime and night patrols are almost non-existent by Beach Estate members and more work needs to be done to remedy this situation.