Neighbourhood Watch Registration & ID Cards

Registration process for HBNW members as at October 2017

Instruction has come down from the Department of Community Safety (DOCS) and SAPS that all community safety organisations, including Neighbourhood Watch and CPF, must comply with legislation that covers community safety structures. This legislation requires that patrollers and responders must be security vetted.

The call has come because as more of the crime fighting burden falls on these structures, and the amount of sensitive crime intelligence being managed by them increases, so too is the number of criminals penetrating these organisations increasing.

It is impractical for HBNW with over 3200 listed members to fingerprint everyone. We will therefore reorganise the membership as follows:

ACTIVES - Must be fingerprinted and follow this process:

Members that will operate on a new encrypted HBNW Watchcon radio channel 1, App groups, CoCT Metro Radio network and HBNWatchcon systems and will be receiving active crime intelligence such as LPR alerts, suspect alerts, Joint Response instructions must be fingerprinted for a full security check.

Please note that this process is confidential and your prints won’t be given to anybody else, unless arranged by yourself. If you wish to remain in or join in this group please follow the following procedure:

Contact our Admin on and inform her that you want to register for a HBNW ID Card. She will advise you of the current correct procedure. At the moment the steps below are required.

  1. Get Police Clearance:
    • Receive letter from to accompany the member to SAPS
    • At any police station
    • Request standard SAP91(a) form for Police Clearance
    • Pay nominal fee (but at Hout Bay…it is free if you advise it is for the HBNW)
    • Present your ID/Passport
    • Wait for text message to return to police station to collect clearance from same Police Station (about 4 to 6-weeks)
  2. Email to
    • scan of certificate
    • scan of ID document
    • jpg picture of member (head and shoulders)
  3. Wait for email from HBNW to come to Hout Bay to collect:
    • I.D. card

SEMI-ACTIVES or NON-ACTIVES – No fingerprinting required

Members operating as they currently do on the current non-encrypted HBNW Watchcon radio channel 1 doing standard observer patrols or static local area/ block watch monitoring or who participate by being financial or project supporters plus listed members who are not currently active but are retained as members for purposes of community safety coordination during times of emergency or civil unrest. No fingerprinting required.