Radio Project

Since 2015 we have been involved in a continuous upgrade process of HBNW Watchcon Radio Network to provide:

  • increased security of all users and responders
  • expanded reception area to reach weak reception and currently various "no reception" hotspots.
  • easier implementation for future integration with neighbouring NW and other responder networks.

Radio Frequency Change – May 2019

As part of the radio upgrade project a radio frequency change was completed during the month of May 2019. From 12 June 2019, a R100 programming fee will need to be levied to cover the cost of completing the frequency change.

Old Analogue System

The old existing analogue system which supports Motorola CPO40, Kirisun PT5200 and Kirisun FP430 handsets will continue to operate until at least December 2020. This 2 year sunset period is so that owners of these handsets can continue to benefit from them until the batteries fail and need to be replaced, at which time to make the transition onto the new digital network.

New Digital Network

The new digital network will support DP405 digital handsets.

Making the choice to change handsets now or later.

All active (Daily on air users) HBNW, CCP, Armed Response Officers, SAPS, Metro Law Enforcement reservists, Fire & Rescue, HB Volunteer Emergency Medical Service, SANPark Rangers responders will be transitioned to the new network.

Members who are resident in areas that have weak reception on the old network such as Longkloof, Orangekloof and Hout Bay Heights or those whose batteries are already older than 2 years should consider buying a new handset to make the transition now.

The price of a new DP405 handset is R2,700

The DP405 digital handsets can operate on both old and new networks, so responders on the new handsets can still communicate directly with old handset users.

Monthly Fee

For reasons listed below we are introducing a monthly service and license fee to cover license fees and the maintenance of the radio network.

The rate for new network users is R50 per month and for old network users R30 per month

The reasons for this Radio Fee are:

  • To increase security - There are far too many radios unaccounted for. In the wrong hands these radios create more risk for our active responders. Members who suffer the loss or theft of a radio will want to cancel the debit order which will alert us to the loss so that we can take steps to remove that radio from the system thereby preventing non-members from monitoring our responder communications.
  • The fee will cover ICASA licence fees and contribute to sustaining HBNW Watchcon systems and operations.

Cost Offsets

The batteries of many of the older radios are over 2 to 3 years old and need to be replaced at a cost of between R350 to R550 rand per battery.


If you are an active member:

  • participating daily in scheduled patrols and operations
  • reacting daily as a regular responder to incidents
  • productively serving daily in our community safety structures
  • donating R150 or more to the general HBNW fund
  • NB: If you are an existing donor and want to cover your radio fee within your existing donation you will still be required to split the donation so that the radio fee operates as a distinct separate Debit Order.

You can apply via to be exempted from the radio fee and/or to arrange the split of your existing donation.

Important Notes to Radio Holders:

Radio Holders may NOT sell, donate, loan or otherwise transfer the Radio to another person, without notifying HBNW Admin. Each Radio carries an Identity Code which allows the Watchcon Controllers to identify each Radio Holder. Radio Holders must make every effort to ensure that their radio is safely secured. If a radio is lost or stolen immediately report the loss to

Appendix 1: Radio Acquisition & Trade in Process

The Watchcon radio network links all Hout Bay and Llandudno first responders into a single, common, quick response network. Becoming a HBNW radio owner is more than just acquiring another level of security for you and your family’s defence, it allows you to contribute towards improving your community’s safety.

Qualifying Criteria:

A person requesting a radio must be a member of HBNW in good standing. Apply for membership here.

They must also have a SAPS clearance certificate as per below: See link to Neighbourhood Watch & ID Requirements

Ordering & Payment:

Radios must be ordered from by sending your:

  1. member name / application
  2. police clearance certificate / image of SAP91(a) form
  3. debit order form, as below for R50 per month (new network) or R30 per month (old network)
  4. proof of payment for R2,700

EFT payments to be made to:

Account name: Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch

Account no: 167 602 9133

Bank: Nedbank

Branch: Hout Bay

Branch code: 167 609

Reference: Radio: Name Surname


Once all paperwork is confirmed to be in order, your radio will be programmed. You will be notified when the radios are ready for delivery.

Trade in Process:

When a suitable size batch of radios is accumulated we will notify potential buyers and attempt to secure a fair price. If we do mange to sell it, the proceeds will be credited to your account.


Becoming a member of the HBNW and joining the Watchcon network is your voluntary contribution to supporting a community organisation dedicated to preventing crime. HBNW and the Watchcon network are not in any way obligated to deliver security services to the protection of yourself or your property. Your participation in HBNW activities and use of the Watchcon network is undertaken entirely at your own risk and in so doing you agree to the terms as laid out in the Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch Constitution as well as the “Western Cape Constitution and Code Of Conduct for Neighbourhood Watch Structures” under which HBNW operates. Please see Documents.

Appendix 2: Radio Debit Order

HBNW Debit Order Form_Radio.pdf