Please be aware of the latest scams in Hout Bay and Surrounds

Tree Cutting Scam

There is a scam artist who pretends to cut trees at a neighbours house and wants to check if the branches may have fallen into his/her property and then attempts to steal from the property. The guy is usually well spoken and presented. Please spread the word as too many people are still falling for this scam.

Towing Scam

The Insurance Crime Bureau has issued warning of a new scam after a number of reports from insurers and tracking companies.

Following the actual theft of a vehicle, clients are being contacted by individuals claiming to be members of the SAPS. The impersonator will advise the insured of the recovery of their vehicle, usually far away from the where the case was originally reported. The “officer” then arranges a meeting to view vehicle and requests a fee from owner to move the vehicle to the nearest police impound or to delivery directly back to the owner.

The fee ranges from between R1 000 to R3 000. The impersonator provides bank details and insists on payment into a specific account or via e-wallet. The scam involves impersonating senior officers of SAPS Head Office for personal information details of complainants.