Beach Safety Project

The annual beach safety project has been running successfully since 2008, keeping Hout Bay beach safe for residents and visitors to the bay.

The project runs over December and January every year, from 8am to 6pm. Each patrol slot is two hours.

We rely on our regular loyal beach patrollers and encourage all members to join in the fun and sign up.

You can access the patrol roster here.

Or email with your preferred dates and times.

Basic Patrol Procedure

  • First shift starting at 08:00 – Collect radio and vest from Deep Blue

  • Last shift ending at 18:00 – Drop radio and vest at Deep Blue.

  • Shifts to collect from the previous shift at Deep Blue. Please place radio on charge.

  • Please wear the HBNW vest AT ALL TIMES for the duration of your 2 hour patrol.

  • Sign on for your shift and do a radio check, by checking-in with Watchcon.

  • Walk the beach area from the Chapmans Peak side through to Mariners Wharf.

  • If raining or very windy you may use Dunes as a base or choose to drive along beach front and to Mariners Wharf, or Park on Chapmans Peak drive and view the beach with binoculars

  • When you have finished your patrol – always sign off your patrol with Watchcon, via your radio.

Do’s & Dont's of Patrolling

  • Be Eyes and ears only. Do not approach or attempt to arrest any one

  • Always have the radio readily available

  • DO NOT display valuables such as Cellphone, cameras etc,

  • A pair of binoculars is recommended while on patrol

  • Make sure you know the correct radio protocol and procedures

  • Should you not be familiar with the Radio process, please ask the Deep Blue Operator, or previous shift patroller for an explanation

  • Always be visible while on patrol on foot or in your car

  • Stay with your patrol partner

  • Be alert at all times and report any irregularities or suspicious people and vehicles to Watchcon

  • When reporting incidents to Watchcon please make sure to provide the following information:

    • Your Location

    • Suspect description – starting with shoes, and working your way up

    • Reason for reporting suspect, what is the incident being reported

    • If applicable provide vehicle descriptions: Make, Colour and registration number

  • Speak slowly and clearly

  • Remember the controllers cannot see what you can and need to get emergency response vehicles to you

  • In the event of an incident please stay with the victim until the necessary help arrives

  • Be helpful to tourists and visitors

  • If a tourist or visitor is behaving in a manner which is unsafe to themselves or their belongings, putting themselves at unnecessary risk, a patroller may approach them and offer recommended alternatives to ensure their safety


  • DO NOT drink alcohol before starting a patrol

  • DO NOT drink alcohol while on patrol

  • DO NOT Break any laws (Adhere to all traffic laws, beach by-laws etc.)

  • DO NOT act violently

  • DO NOT carry a firearm

  • DO NOT compromise anyone’s safety and security

  • DO NOT get yourself into a vulnerable situation

Important Contact Information


021 790 9333

9 Princess Street, Hout Bay

Patrol Collection Point

Deep Blue

021 790 7901

Beach apartments – ground floor, (next door to FNB)

Hout Bay SAPS Office

021 791 9300 / 021 791 866

Note regarding Dogs on the Beach

There has been some recent discussion on social media regarding which areas of the beach are available for dog walkers.

At a recent meeting with senior law enforcement personnel it was confirmed that an arbitrary line in the sand cannot be an enforceable boundary line for where dogs are allowed or not allowed.

Despite the fact that the path of the river moves over time, this remains, as always, the boundary line between the dog free zone of the beach and the area where dogs are allowed.

During the holiday season this will be more strictly enforced and all dog walkers must ensure they remain on the Mariners Wharf/harbour side of the river and NOT on the Chapmans Peak side of the river.

Before 09h00 the Chapmans Peak side of the beach is open for horse riders and this makes it even more important that this rule is adhered to.

The beach area between the parking area and Mariners Wharf is only for dogs on leads while from the parking area to the river is a free running area for dogs.