Why join ?

Here is some information we believe will be invaluable in setting you on your way to becoming a contributing member of HBNW.

The most important thing to remember is that as a HBNW member you are the “eyes and ears” of SAPS and the Security Service Providers (SSPs) in Hout Bay.

Whether you are going about your daily activities or doing specific patrols around your neighbourhood, if you see any people behaving in a suspicious manner or spot any suspicious vehicles, call this in to Watchcon 021 790 9333.

Watchcon is our very own call centre / control room in Hout Bay and the Operators are available to deal with emergencies in which they can request the assistance of SAPS, SSP’s, CCP, Emergency Medical Personnel (EMS), Fire and Rescue or Metro Traffic / Law Enforcement.

Watchcon is NOT a security service provider nor are they responsible for those they call to assist you. This response is dependent on the availability of resources at the time of an incident. We recommend that you a contract a Security Service Provider such as ADT or Deep Blue who will deliver the usual guaranteed armed response in the case of any incidents at your home.

Find out more on these links:

Keep informed

Engage in the Safety and Security Activities in your Area

  • Know who your Area Leader is.
  • Contact your Area Leader to discuss security plans, patrols and other initiatives in your area.
  • Ensure that you are added to any area Whatsapp groups (your Area Leader can help)
  • Contract with a Security Service Provider such as ADT or Deep Blue who will provide you with their usual guaranteed armed response in the case of incident at your home.

Get involved

  • We have several Hout Bay wide safety and security projects underway at any point in time. If you would like to contribute to any ongoing projects with your time and skills, please contact Liezl Schulte, HBNW Chair, to discuss in more detail - chair@hbnw.co.za.
  • If you would like to contribute financially to support these projects, please check the linked page for HBNW bank details, Snapscan or debit order details.