Social Media Safety Hints for the Youth

  • Do not give out personal information (address, telephone numbers, parents' info, name and location of school) - without permission of parents.

  • Only accept followers you know. You will not let strangers follow you in real life, why on social media.

  • Immediately tell parents if you come across information that makes you uncomfortable.

  • Never agree to meet someone you met online with the permission of parents. If they agree, make sure it is in a public place and that they are present.

  • Do not respond to mean, explicit messages (anything that makes you uncomfortable). Tell your parents immediately.

  • Do not give out passwords to ANYONE - only parents.

  • Check with parents before downloading/installing any software that can put your family's privacy at risk.

  • Do not do anything that can hurt other people, or is against the law on social media/internet.

  • Never send any pictures or videos without parental permission.

  • Do not post or send any pictures or videos that may portray you in a bad light, or be used against you now or later, to anyone.


Source: SAPS Bothasig