Fibre Project

GET FIBRE CONNECTED via the best possible deal ever!

During the past two years Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) and SA Digital Villages (SADV) have installed fibre lines in a number of estates and areas.

Your area is now connected to the main fibre line which means that you can benefit from cheaper access to the internet and at the same time at NO extra cost to yourself you can contribute towards making your community a safer place to live in by supporting HBNW which owns Watchcon.

Areas Connected:

  • Bokkemanskloof
  • Blue Valley
  • Penzance
  • Berg en Dal
  • Princess Beach
  • Sea Glades
  • Breakers
  • Ruyterplaats

How so?

For every Hout Bay resident that signs up through the SADV portal the commission fees that would normally be lost to some non-local commercial ISP will now be credited to HBNW.

These funds are utilised to support HBNW projects which despite a shrinking police service and an ever increasing population, the graph below proves have since 2006 and more recently since 2014 in collaboration with CCP delivered massive reductions in crime across our community.


Help yourself to cheaper faster internet connectivity and build a stronger more secure community all for 30 to 40% off of what you are currently paying for internet services and have more money on hand for the Christmas season.